Empty Lobby


Toy Lemmings

Oculus Station through the Winter Garden Windows

The Aging Rock Star

The Chastened Child

5th Avenue Store Front Juxtaposition

Floral Solitare

High Noon over Nod Road

Ice Bubbles and Grasses Winter Field

Portrait of a Golden Lizard

Summer Aspens

Collinsville Shadows and Light

Moving Front Reflected

Standing His Ground

Sun and Sand and Ice

Three Phases of Water

Doll House Window View

Helen's Way Walk

Beauty at Sunset

Crossing the GW Bridge

Morning in Bryce Canyon

Ashcroft Ghost Town

Runner Taking a Photo Break

Wallpaper Mirrors

Fisher Meadow at Dusk- Avon CT

Playing to an Empty Chair

Window Seat View

Illuminated Beak

Maroon Bells

Brooklyn Bridge

City Hawk Reporting for Work

MOMA Garden Rose Reflected

Best Friends at Gatorland

Knoxville Sunsphere

Holding Court

Sneaking thru the Wormhole Tunnel

Threaded and Ready to Sew

Blues Brother Singer

David with Glasses

Rivers of Color

Imaging a Color other than Red

Lone Open Window

Polka Dots - Shoes and Shadows

Airport Travelers


Perfect Reflection

Surf Dining at Dusk

Unattractive from any Perspective

Hiding in Plain Sight

Two Faced Daisy - "Glamming" it up

What are They Doing in There

Morning Fog on Valley Floor

Uncooperative Child

Waiting for Morning Coffee

Beauty and the Bug

Heading Back to the Station

Hopson Commissary Blues

Grey Day on CT River

Harshness in Yellowstone

Blending In

Nailed It

Saumurs Umbrellas

Great Dining Opportunity

Sunrise over Oakland Harbor

Tired and Tipsy

Delta Bluesman

Grey Day in the Keys

My Good Friend David

More Images

Tours Cathedral Window, Donna Griffiths, OPEN, Jan 2016 - 24
Sunrise over Oakland Shipyards, Donna Griffiths, OPEN, Jan 2016 - 23
Expresso Cup on Blue Velvet, Donna Griffiths, Still Life, Jan 2016 - 22
Afternoon Light, Donna Griffiths, Creative, Dec 2015 - 26
The Pier Goes on Forever, Donna Griffiths, Creative, Dec 2015 - 25
Afternoon Nap with Friends, Donna Griffiths, Animals, Dec 2015 - 22
Harbor Reflections, Donna Griffiths, Reflections, Nov 2015 - 23
Amber Die, Donna Griffiths, OPEN, Nov 2015 - 27
Chateau Royal d'Amboise, Donna Griffiths, OPEN, Nov 2015
Field of Webs, Donna Griffiths, Nature, Oct 2015
Wonder in the Weeds, Donna Griffiths, Nature, Oct 2015
A Spiders Finest, Donna Griffiths, Creative, Oct 2015
Rain Tasting, Donna Griffiths, WATER, SEPT 15
Hanging Canoes Out to Dry, Donna Griffiths OPEN, SEPT 15
Toy Trumpeter in a Ladle on a Door, Donna Griffiths, OPEN, SEPT 15
Below Cold, Donna Griffiths, Internet Nature, August 2015
Let's end this meeting - everyone else has checked out anyways, Donna Griffiths, Internet Nature
Yellowstone as it has always been, Donna Griffiths, Creative May 2015
The Maid, Donna Griffiths, Weathered, Jan 2015
Dazzling in Pink, Donna Griffiths, Open, Jan 2015
Afternoon Storm Coming My Way, Donna Griffiths, Nature of the Year, runner up