Barn Storming

Just Needs a Little TLC

Seasonal Transition

An Egret Dreams of Heaven

Late Day Shadows

Reflections of Days Gone By

Making a Splash

Resting in a ray of Sunlight

Stream Swirls

The Old Shell Game

Wild Clematis

A Little Privacy, Please !

An Early Stroll to the Meadow

Spider Creativity

Full moon rising over Back Cove

Let me lead you from the darkness

Sunrise on that cool foggy morn

A Rosy Resting Spot

Sparkling Interlude

Me and My Shadow

Molt-o Bello Young Indigo Bunting

A view from a quiet nook !

Betty is in the eye of the beholder !

No stranger to social distancing !


A Whorl of Coral Bells

Natural Lighting and an Antique Lamp

Florets at the Edge of Autumn

Milkweed Ice Angel

Glacial valley - Iceland

Le Metro - Next stop Tour Eiffel

On The Rocks

Promise of a brighter new day

Yellow-rumped Warbler

Don't you dare tell me to smile

In the twilight of its year - Sunflower

Wings poised and ready to go