Blue vase

Evening Stroll in Caesarea

The Mansion at Chestnut Hill

Fire on Ice

Lunch atop

Traveling Through

View from the top


Folly Farm

Sunny day

Farm in a bottle



Angry Bird

Meat Me

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Glass, Vitali Zhulkovsky, Water, Sep 2015 - 25
Mask, Vitali Zhulkovsky, Open, Sep2 2015 - 24
Stained glass, Vitali Zhulkovsky, Open, Sep2 2015 - 19
A Fishing Duck, Vitali Zhulkovsky ,Nature, Aug 2014 PSAN - 23
Sparkly Morning, Vitali Zhulkovsky, Nature, Aug 2014 PSAN - 24

Refreshment Volunteers 2017-2018

10/2/2017 Library Bill Latournes 10/18/2017 Eno Hall Alene Galin 11/6/2017 Library Judy Rabinowitz 11/15/2017 Eno Hall Jim Patrina 12/4/2017 Library Susan Case 12/20/2017 Eno Hall 1/8/2018 Library Cherly Picard 1/17/2018 […]

2017 Year End Winners

Changing Of The Guard – Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier In Athens by Susan Case Gerbera Daisy by Dolph Fusco Grazing in the Grass by John McGarry Matt with Bow […]

2017 Standings

RIBBONS CLASS MAKER TOTAL IMAGES TOTAL POINTS IMAGE AVERAGE 1ST 2ND HM SP 1st SP 2nd S Bill Payne 22 548 24.91 1 6 6 3 5 S John McGarry […]

Ribbons, Travel, December 2016

Airport Travelers Donna JW Griffiths S Alexandria Concrete Jungle Susan Poirier S Block Island Ferry and Fishing Boat William Latournes A Bug Lighthouse Long Island Sound James Haney B Can’t […]