End of Year Awards – 2024

Image of the Year – John McGarry Award

The Four Amigos

Merle Yoder

Captures the amazing innocence and curiosity of the goslings. The choice of a black background helps the viewer create a story about what the goslings might be thinking. The balanced composition and low perspective enhance the beauty of the scene. The lighting and detail are perfect!

Alternate Image of the Year – Patrina / Metzger Award

Monte Fitz Roy

Nancy Schumann

A magnificent awe-inspiring photo. The combination of autumn colors with great lighting and clouds captures the grandeur of nature. Using the river as a leading line draws you directly into the Mount Fitz Roy peaks.

Nature Image of the Year – Strindberg Award

Love in the Red Sands of the Kalahari

Susan Case

Dramatically shows a tense moment between the two lions. The aperture choice to blur the background keeps the viewers looking at the action. The shutter choice to freeze the action, including the sand, increases the impact of the moment.

Ed Emmons Alternate Nature of the Year

Playful Elephant

Nancy Schumann

 A loving tender moment between a mother and her calf. The mother’s stance highlights she is ready for playtime. Freezing the action and splash around the calf highlights the joy the calf is having. The birds enhance the reality of this nature story. The choice of monochrome keeps the viewer focused on the elephants

Portrait of the Year – Kennedy Award

Smiling Model

Frank Zaremba, MNEC

Every technical element (lighting, color tones, focus) brings the model to life. The composition choice of a very tight crop keeps every viewer focused on her eyes

Travel Image of the Year – Doherty Award

Waiting for a Ride

Dolores Brown

The blend of human resilience and urban decay has every viewer’s mind creating a story, often a story about striving for better times. The composition offers a great balance of the mural with the person, with sufficient environmental surrounds to help us understand the scene

Alternate Travel Image of the Year – Judy Rubinowitz Award

Midnight in Boston

Jeff Levesque

Beautifully captures the Boston skyline. Very strong composition to use the cobblestones and chain to lead viewers to the skyline. The choice of exposure leads to great lighting and smoothing harbor water. The reflections in the water the and a well-lit flag help everyone find more and more beauty as they study the photo.

Creative Image of the Year – Nathan Gutman Award

Taxi Race via the Adamski Effect

Frank Zaremba, MNEC

Perfect creative choices make this scene come to life. The composition is visually engaging, forcing everyone to sense motion as the red cars speed by. It tells the story of the hustle and bustle of city life. Adding the panning style look blurs the background to keep everyone focused on the cars. Great alignment with the spirit of the category. Great post-processing skills.