Look Who’s Joined

Welcome to these new and newer members of the Simsbury Camera Club. This page is an attempt to help us get to know these individuals better and to welcome them to the fold. (I apologize for paraphrasing and abbreviating some of this information in the interest brevity)

Mark Tegtmeier

Experience: I’ve enjoyed photography since I was young, but didn’t get my first SLR until about 25 years ago.  I’ve taken photography classes at Tunxis Community College, as well as a number of workshops.  And I’m always looking to learn and improve my craft.

Equipment: I’ve been shooting with Canon for years, currently with a 5D Mk iii and a Canon R.  More recently, I’ve also been shooting with my Olympus OM-D E-M1 Mk iii.

Software: I mostly work in Lightroom and Photoshop, and I’ve been trying out the Skylum products.

Photographic Interest:  My photo interests are wide ranging, though mostly focusing on nature and architecture.  I also enjoy doing portraits, headshots, and events.

Website: marktegtmeierphotography.com

Scott Kerr

Experience: l am a long-time hobbyist. I started by taking pictures during my kids’ sporting events. Over the past year or two I have become obsessed with improving my skills, as I would love to turn this passion into an enjoyable side job photographing youth and high school action sports. 

Equipment: Nikon D500, but I hope to add a second body this year (likely full frame and possibly mirrorless)

Software: I started using lightroom in the fall of 2022. I am still finding my editing style but I am amazed by what is possible.

Photographic Interest:  Action sports photography…..and furry creatures that pass through my backyard


Chris Riggs

Experience: I became passionate with photography in my early teens, at the time I was using a Nikon N65 film camera. I didn’t find my photography niche for many years…fast forward to 2017 I decided to dive back into photography and I picked up a Nikon D500 with a Sigma 150-600 Sport lens. I was immediately hooked, I’ve always been a huge animal lover but now I could photograph animals in their natural habitat. It’s been such an amazing and expensive journey and I can’t imagine photographing anything else.

Equipment: Nikon Z9

Software: Lightroom, Photoshop and Topaz Labs

Photographic interests: Passionate Wildlife photographer

Dave Robbins

Experience: Trying to get back in to photography after a few passive years. 

Equipment: Canon 7-D and 40 D. DSLR

Software: Photoshop, Lightroom, Premiere (video editing)

Photographic interests: Landscape, Americana