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Winners for Special Category
Animals - November, 2016

All images submitted for this competition

Airbrushed RiderRichard BuschS
Are you SURE I can't Come out there with you?Barbara SteeleA
Backyard BirdCheryl PicardB
Blue EyesKristen AndersonB
Blue Laced OrpingtonWilliam LatournesA
Blue Neck EmuLorraine CosgroveS
Chip's morning snackGary GianiniB
FawnSusan PoirierS
FuggedaboutitJohn McGarryS
Hiding in Plain SightDonna JW GriffithsS
I'm Watching YouCharles HallB
JoyMarylou LavoieA
Look into my eyesNancy SchumannA
MeerkatsSusan CaseS
One of the KidsJames HaneyB
Shy BirdBruce MetzgerS
Who, Me?Harold GrimesB
Class B 2nd
Innocence of a GREY LANGUR - Kabini forest , IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Class B 1st
Longing Snowy EgretRene DurboisS
Class A 2nd
Watch the Mallet There, Ralph LaurenJ. John StraubS
Fish For Dinner Again?Dolph FuscoA
Snow GooseGeorge ZarsA
Class A 1st
Voracious Sea AnemonesLou NortonA
Salon 2nd
Look Deeply Into My EyesBill PayneS
Salon 1st
Snow DogFrank ZarembaS