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Winners for Regular Category
Open - September, 2017

All images submitted for this competition

A Mentoring Moment on a Misty MorningJohn StraubS
A single roseHarold GrimesB
Ball over HartfordJames HaneyB
Beauty is more than skin deepPeter RossatoA
Best View on the Connecticut RiverLorraine CosgroveS
Blue BirdAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
ChairRichard BuschS
Elegance at the DoorRene DurboisS
Feeding on a Dead WhaleLorraine CosgroveS
Flying through the AirDanielle D'ErmoS
Gathering NectureFrank ZarembaS
Giant Black Mud TurtleDolph FuscoA
Green HeronAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Inside a RoseCharles HallB
Lighthouse Greets the New Light of DayPeter RossatoA
Lighting up the SkyJames HaneyB
Lizard on TreeFrank ZarembaS
Night on Chicago's Navy Pier Bill PayneS
Pilings and PrintsBruce MetzgerS
smokestackHarold GrimesB
Sprinting for HomeJohn StraubS
St Simon's Island Live OakLou NortonA
the other sideGinny ThibodeauB
Tight TurnBruce MetzgerS
USS Constitution UnderwayLou NortonA
Class B HM
Wild ponies on Assateague BayNancy SchumannA
Class B 2nd
Evening GlowCharles HallB
All aboard!Nancy SchumannA
Class B 1st
frosted foliageGinny ThibodeauB
Class A HM
Passenger on the FerryAlene GalinA
Lines in the SandWilliam LatournesA
Hummingbird MothWilliam LatournesA
A Perfect Florida SunsetJim PatrinaA
Roadside Grass Makes An AbstractionDolph FuscoA
Class A 2nd
San Francisco's Painted LadiesJim PatrinaA
Class A 1st
Closing TimeAlene GalinA
Salon HM
4 Boxes Richard BuschS
Window Seat ViewDonna JW GriffithsS
Playing to an Empty ChairDonna JW GriffithsS
Peep Frog on a Milkweed LeafJohn McGarryS
Young Paddler with an Old ProJohn McGarryS
Salon 2nd
Winter Sun and SteamBill PayneS
Flower of YouthRene DurboisS
Salon 1st
Snowy Owl in FlightDanielle D'ErmoS