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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - September, 2018

All images submitted for this competition

Crested Serpent Eagle, Kabini forest , IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Dragonfly and DamselflyWilliam LatournesA
Fall in the Burlington WoodsBill PayneS
Gaur (Indian Bison) with Indian Myna, Kabini forest, IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Glorious SunriseDanielle D'ErmoS
Greater ScaupBen SkaughtS
Green WaveCheryl PicardB
Gull and StonesCheryl PicardB
I've Got My Eye On YouJohn McGarryS
Keeping watch while her cubs napLorraine CosgroveS
Lady CardinalRichard BuschS
Low TideRené DurboisS
Northern Harrier Searching for BreakfastRichard BuschS
On AlertCharles HallB
Osprey LandingNick BennettB
Prairie Dogs comforting one anotherNancy SchumannA
Soaring over the PacificBen SkaughtS
Sore KneeHarold GrimesB
Sparrow on Maple BranchRené DurboisS
Spreading WingsCharles HallB
Sun Light on MushroomsJames HaneyB
Sunbathing New Zealnd SealsLou NortonA
The Food ChainJohn StraubS
The HunterBill PayneS
Three Baby GeeseFrank ZarembaS
Class B HM
Heart of the StreamHarold GrimesB
Fawn in the GrassNick BennettB
Class B 2nd
Three Cormorants Catching Some SunGary GianiniB
Zabrinski Point SunriseRichard ProvostA
Sunrise, Bryce CanyonRichard ProvostA
Class B 1st
Mom and YoungJames HaneyB
Class A HM
Australian PelicanLou NortonA
Giant River Otter - enjoying his fishSusan CaseS
Class A 2nd
Jaguar in a TreeSusan CaseS
Sitting On A CactusWilliam LatournesA
Class A 1st
Lesser Yellowlegs looking for breakfastNancy SchumannA
Salon HM
Heron ReflectionFrank ZarembaS
Salon 2nd
Osprey Poised to PounceJohn StraubS
Lower Yellowstone FallsJohn McGarryS
Salon 1st
Snowy Eyelashes BisonDanielle D'ErmoS