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Winners for Regular Category
Open - December, 2018

All images submitted for this competition

A bad day at joustingCharles HallB
AbandonedBarbara SteeleA
AeroShell Team - SunNFun. FLSusan CaseS
African Black SwanBruce MetzgerS
Baby you can drive my carFrank ZarembaS
Bicycle on the Fence at the BeachWilliam LatournesA
California SunsetJim PatrinaA
Country DriveNancy SchumannA
DahliaAlene GalinA
Did you eat your veggies today ... Local Market - Mysore, IndiaAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Djellaba Clad Moroccan Man in the SaharaLou NortonA
Drink up!Marylou LavoieA
ghost in the stairwayJohn ParisiA
GiraffeWilliam LatournesA
Glacial RiverBen SkaughtS
Goalie's Got ItJohn McGarryS
Just Like MomJohn StraubS
Looking ThroughCharles HallB
Maine's Wolf Neck State ParkLou NortonA
Mercy State ChampionsRené DurboisS
MicheleRené DurboisS
Mountain IslandBen SkaughtS
Mustang and SpitfireJames HaneyB
Red Shouldered HawkJohn McGarryS
Retired Truck DriversCharles HubandB
Rings of SaturnRichard ProvostA
Saville DamMarylou LavoieA
squirrely nurseHarold GrimesB
Stonehenge Panorama, Salisbury UKAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Sweeping - Tibetan border of ChinaSusan CaseS
Taft Point Yosemite NPJim PatrinaA
Tall Fall from the Forest FloorJohn StraubS
This way to TownJames HaneyB
Trolley at TwilightBill PayneS
Two Minutes Before SunriseBill PayneS
Versaille ChapleFrank ZarembaS
White Horse and Red BarnLibby LordS
Class B HM
spring flowerHarold GrimesB
Class B 2nd
Eagle on an Iceberg at SunsetLibby LordS
Winter Runoff from the fallsRichard ProvostA
Class B 1st
Haley on the streetJohn ParisiA
Class A HM
Dancing in the Northern SkyBarbara SteeleA
Class A 2nd
Annisquam LighthouseNancy SchumannA
Class A 1st
Milkweed PodAlene GalinA
Salon HM
KatherineBruce MetzgerS
Salon 2nd
Fox at RestDanielle D'ErmoS
Salon 1st
Horned Puffin In FlightDanielle D'ErmoS