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Winners for Special Category
Water - December, 2018

All images submitted for this competition

Babbling BrookJim PatrinaA
Best view from the boat ... Puerto RicoAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Boston Fireboat 4th 0f July Water DisplayLou NortonA
Frozen WaterfallCharles HallB
Iguazu Falls - BrazilSusan CaseS
It's DoneCharles HubandB
My favorite Icelandic waterfall.Richard ProvostA
Natural PatternsBarbara SteeleA
natural waterfall, no enhancementHarold GrimesB
Saanich Inlet, BC CanadaRené DurboisS
Save the WetlandsJames HaneyB
Stratton Brook SparkleMarylou LavoieA
Stream and AspensJohn McGarryS
Wadsworth Falls tidal poolNancy SchumannA
Water, Fast, Frozen and FluffyJohn StraubS
Class B 2nd
Assateague IslandLibby LordS
Class B 1st
surreal waterJohn ParisiA
Class A 2nd
SurferAlene GalinA
Class A 1st
Lifeguard Chair in the FogWilliam LatournesA
Salon 2nd
Frozen StalactitesFrank ZarembaS
PondBruce MetzgerS
Salon 1st
Frozen ForestBen SkaughtS
Maine SunsetDanielle D'ErmoS
Water Over the DamBill PayneS