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Winners for Special Category
Animals - May, 2019

All images submitted for this competition

African SwansBruce MetzgerS
Alert HawkJames HaneyB
Arctic Fox Stepping out of ShelterDanielle D'ErmoS
bahhhJohn ParisiA
Drama QueenCarol LowbeerB
Eye of the White TigerJohn StraubS
Flying in formationRichard ProvostA
Hooded MerganserGary GianiniB
My Phone is Here SomeplaceAlene GalinA
Patagonian Guanacos,Louis Arthur NortonA
Puzzled CatDolph FuscoA
Say AhhhhhhHarold GrimesB
Say CheeseBarbara SteeleA
Slow PokeCharles HallB
Stay in your laneBen SkaughtS
Taking over the water holeSusan CaseS
The beach is mineCharles HubandB
Two Black SwansFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Class B 2nd
Red Fox under a Pine TreeLibby LordS
Class B 1st
Do I look like a duck to you?!?!Karin LessardB
Class A 2nd
Relaxing LangoorAadarsh GopalakrishnaA
Class A 1st
Catching The DropsWilliam LatournesA
Playful dogsNancy SchumannA
Salon 2nd
TeakBill PayneS
Great Skua in FlightJohn McGarryS
Salon 1st
Male Green-winged TealRené DurboisS