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Winners for Regular Category
Nature - November, 2020

All images submitted for this competition

Aspen GlowPeter RossatoA
Autumn in VermontElaine IngrahamB
Baby Doves, oh baby dovesWendy RosenbergB
Blue Heron in FlightLorraine CosgroveS
Blue Heron With a TroutLorraine CosgroveS
Cormorant Coming In For A LandingWilliam LatournesA
Duckling in GrassGrace YoderB
Enders Fall in FalllPeter RossatoA
Fall at Quabbin ReservoirJim PatrinaA
Fall SnowCheryl PicardB
FrogMarylou LavoieB
From the covered bridgeJohn ParisiA
Hairy Woodpecker PortraitJeff LevesqueB
Heron HomeMary Anne SirkinB
I Never Liked YouJohn McGarryS
Ice StormJim PatrinaA
In Plain Sight - Farmington RiverArt McMannusB
Joshua Tree LightMary Anne SirkinB
King EiderBruce MetzgerS
Let me lead you from the darknessBob FerranteB
Long-billed HermitBen SkaughtS
Making A Break For ItKarin LessardB
Mating Red Milkweed BeetlesJohn McGarryS
Me and My ShadowAlene GalinA
Mom with her goslingsRon ThomasA
mooriseCheryl PicardB
NuthatchBruce MetzgerS
OasisBert SirkinB
Pretty BoyRon ThomasA
Rabbit HoppingGrace YoderB
Red-Crested Cardinal on OahuJohn ClancyB
Red-headed Woodpecker PortraitJeff LevesqueB
Sand diggerlinda fickingerB
Someone's Good Day Is Someone Else's Bad OneKarin LessardB
South Carolina MarshLouis Arthur NortonA
Sunrise on that cool foggy mornBob FerranteB
Tanzanian Cape BuffaloesLouis Arthur NortonA
Terns MatingDanielle D'ErmoS
The eyes have itWendy RosenbergB
The Quirang - Isle of SkyeArt McMannusB
watch your stepJohn ParisiA
Class B HM
The RedbirdElaine IngrahamB
Baby on BoardMerle YoderB
Class B 2nd
More, pleaselinda fickingerB
Hang OnMarylou LavoieB
Soaring Great EgretMerle YoderB
Class B 1st
Snake eyesBert SirkinB
Class A HM
Good AfternoonAlene GalinA
Fall Vermont waterfallRichard ProvostA
Class A 2nd
Ibis FishingWilliam LatournesA
Class A 1st
Morning foggy sunrise over Vermont pond.Richard ProvostA
Salon HM
Sleeping Duck with ReflectionFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Followed by the Fuzzy FiveJohn StraubS
Yellow-throated LongclawSusan CaseS
Goodness, you babies sure need a lot of grooming!Susan CaseS
Robin Nest in a TreeLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
Their First Meal AloneFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Monarch Munching MilkweedBill PayneS
Salon 1st
Mourning Dove with Nest PieceJohn StraubS
Lynx in SnowDanielle D'ErmoS
Moon and Aurora Paint a PictureBen SkaughtS
Glen the Blue HeronBill PayneS