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Winners for Regular Category
Open - December, 2020

All images submitted for this competition

A Little Privacy, Please !Bob FerranteS
abandonJohn ParisiA
Afternoon LightBruce MetzgerS
An Early Stroll to the MeadowBob FerranteS
Apple Blossom Time in North BloomfieldJohn ClancyB
At The EdgeKarin LessardA
Baptisms at the Jordon RiverLouis Arthur NortonA
Barred Owl in the GardenLibby LordS
Bleeding HeartLinda FickingerA
Bumble BeeJeff LevesqueS
Charlestown Night SkiesNancy SchumannA
ChicadeeDanielle D'ErmoS
City View from New JerseyJim PatrinaA
Desert HomesteadMary Anne SirkinA
Details of the SunflowerLinda FickingerA
Dunlin on the moveJeff LevesqueS
Empire StateBruce MetzgerS
Fall splendorRichard ProvostA
Foggy sunriseRichard ProvostA
Fourth Turn at SaratogaArt McMannusA
Frozen Fringe on the FarmingtonJohn StraubS
Garden PoppiesPeter RossatoA
GlennTheHeronCatchesALunkerMarylou LavoieA
Havana SunsetLouis Arthur NortonA
Hook, Line & ChainAlene GalinA
KKR Building - ZurichArt McMannusA
Look out below!Peter RossatoA
Merganser Successful DiveMarylou LavoieA
Passing Latimer Reef Lighthouse at DuskBill PayneS
Rainy DayRon ThomasA
Rusting in ProvincetownAlene GalinA
Secret staircaseMary Anne SirkinA
Shoshone Falls at Twin Falls, IdahoJohn ClancyB
SkateboardingWilliam LatournesA
Sunflower PanoramaJohn StraubS
Sunset at Cannon BeachBen SkaughtS
Sunset by Tillamook HeadBen SkaughtS
SupportsKarin LessardA
Syncronized LandingFrank Zaremba, MNECS
The Falls and the Fallen FewJohn StraubS
The Parade into Point Judith HarborBill PayneS
Thunderbird #5Merle YoderS
Tracks to a new worldJim PatrinaA
WindsurfingWilliam LatournesA
Class B HM
Silken SunflowerBert SirkinS
Low Key DogGrace YoderA
Class B 2nd
The bank is openBert SirkinS
Wood Duck ChickGrace YoderA
Class B 1st
Daddy's Home!Merle YoderS
Class A HM
Zimanga ZebrasNancy SchumannA
Class A 2nd
things to comeJohn ParisiA
Class A 1st
Bull wins this roundRon ThomasA
Salon HM
Common Ringlet Early MorningJohn McGarryS
Blue Bird with a GrasshopperLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
The Rang O TangFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Snowy OwlDanielle D'ErmoS
Salon 1st
Leading by a FootJohn McGarryS