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Winners for Special Category
Patterns/Textures - December, 2020

All images submitted for this competition

All the texturesNancy SchumannA
Balloon InflationJohn McGarryS
Cinnamon Toast TexturesMary Anne SirkinA
Crabby CrowdJeff LevesqueS
Green BubblesGrace YoderA
Have a Heart, Newgate PrisonJohn ClancyB
High Line WallBruce MetzgerS
Home for the EveningAlene GalinA
Natural CutBen SkaughtS
Norte Dame candlesLinda FickingerA
Old farm houseRon ThomasA
Portal To The SkyWilliam LatournesA
Rijks Museum Atrium - AmsterdamArt McMannusA
Roasted ChestnutsLouis Arthur NortonA
Ships mast headRichard ProvostA
Spider CreativityBob FerranteS
Squares Uppn SquaresPeter RossatoA
StrainerFrank Zaremba, MNECS
The Abandoned HosptialLibby LordS
Web SightingMarylou LavoieA
Class B 2nd
Busy as a BeeMerle YoderS
Class B 1st
Patterns in NatureBert SirkinS
Class A 2nd
Night Time Under the BridgeJim PatrinaA
Class A 1st
mergeJohn ParisiA
Salon 2nd
Dugout BrimsJohn StraubS
Salon 1st
Gold Crested CraneDanielle D'ErmoS