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Winners for Regular Category
Open - January, 2021

All images submitted for this competition

A jarring momentJohn ClancyB
A Socially Distant Wedding During the Time of CovidElaine IngrahamB
Aurora Spans the HorizonBen SkaughtS
Autumn ReflectionsBen SkaughtS
Autumnal FieldMary Anne SirkinA
BeneathLinda FickingerA
Chickadee by the shoreJeff LevesqueS
Disco SkimmerMarylou LavoieA
Forward ThinkingElaine IngrahamB
Grounded in FogArt McMannusA
Immature AlligatorJohn McGarryS
Jet the PitbullGrace YoderA
Joshua Tree RocksBert SirkinS
Luthier at Work - Rouen, Fr.Art McMannusA
Marabou Stork With Inflated Neck PouchSusan CaseS
naked in the sunlightRichard ProvostA
Northern Ganette on a Rocky IslandLibby LordS
On The BeachWilliam LatournesA
Praying Mantis DinnerWilliam LatournesA
Preening her feathersMerle YoderS
Pretty In PinkMary Anne SirkinA
puffins in loveLibby LordS
Ready to start croakingFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Red Squirrel VisitGreg OttB
Reflections on NYC WindowAlene GalinA
Relaxing scenic bay in Wales, UKJohn ClancyB
Right and LeftBruce MetzgerS
Robin Grabbing Choke Cherry BerryDanielle D'ErmoS
Saville DamGrace YoderA
Snows on RowsJohn StraubS
Snowy Sunset 2020Greg OttB
Sydney HarborSusan CaseS
The SunbatherMarylou LavoieA
WaderBruce MetzgerS
Wild ClematisBob FerranteS
Wings built for speedMerle YoderS
Yellow delightRon ThomasA
You Heard Me, Back OffBill PayneS
Class B HM
Mammoth Hot SpringsLinda FickingerA
Class B 2nd
The Pavilion at Rocky NeckJeff LevesqueS
Class B 1st
LilyBert SirkinS
Making a SplashBob FerranteS
Class A HM
Filtering for foodRon ThomasA
selfie world or which way to the fallsJohn ParisiA
Abstract of treesRichard ProvostA
Cobblers HandsPeter RossatoA
View Under the PierAlene GalinA
Class A 2nd
welcome to NYCJohn ParisiA
Class A 1st
Napping Israeli Drifting Into Air Guitarist PositionLouis Arthur NortonA
Teatime In MoroccoLouis Arthur NortonA
Barn Still LifePeter RossatoA
Salon HM
Siver Spotted SkipperFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Headed Out on a Bright AfternoonBill PayneS
Great Gray Owl PortraitDanielle D'ErmoS
Salon 2nd
American Copper on FleabaneJohn McGarryS
Salon 1st
Window Ice - a Thousand Points of ViewJohn StraubS