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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - January, 2021

All images submitted for this competition

a moment restJohn ParisiA
Bumble Bee on a Frosty MorningJohn McGarryS
Cattails for LunchBill PayneS
Cedar FlowerPeter RossatoA
DamselMarylou LavoieA
Deer On The PathwayWilliam LatournesA
EscargotsLouis Arthur NortonA
Ferry Beach Surf - Scarborough, MEArt McMannusA
Gathering SuppliesMarylou LavoieA
Great Horned Owl in FlightDanielle D'ErmoS
HoneycreeperLinda FickingerA
Jagged Ambush Bugs MatingJohn McGarryS
Japer ElkJohn ClancyB
Leaf on the sunny snowGreg OttB
Mating on the FLYFrank Zaremba, MNECS
MilkweedWilliam LatournesA
Monarch DiningBill PayneS
Morning StrollAlene GalinA
Mr. and Mrs. Black-backed JackalSusan CaseS
Mr. Ground Squirrel - Canadian VarietyJohn ClancyB
No Fly ZoneMary Anne SirkinA
Open wide!Merle YoderS
Our National Emblem, the American EagleElaine IngrahamB
Painting of the godsBert SirkinS
palms and cactus in nite skyRichard ProvostA
Resting in a ray of SunlightBob FerranteS
Rufous-Tailed HummingbirdBen SkaughtS
Settled Amongst the Tree BranchesBen SkaughtS
Snowy Egret Preening Breeding PlumageDanielle D'ErmoS
Sunset at Cape CodAlene GalinA
Sunset on a streamGreg OttB
Surveying my domainMary Anne SirkinA
Sweet nectarBert SirkinS
The Eyes Have ItLinda FickingerA
The Old Shell GameBob FerranteS
through the treesJohn ParisiA
Tierra del Fuego Summer AfternoonLouis Arthur NortonA
Waiting for Frog and ToadElaine IngrahamB
Who is in Charge NowFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Class B HM
Curious YoungsterJeff LevesqueS
Class B 2nd
Thats a 'Moth-ful'Merle YoderS
Class B 1st
Cooper's Hawk Afternoon MealJeff LevesqueS
Class A HM
morning fogRichard ProvostA
Pond LIllyPeter RossatoA
Class A 2nd
Butterfly in fieldRon ThomasA
Class A 1st
Resting DragonflyRon ThomasA
Salon HM
Dressed to ImpressJohn StraubS
Salon 2nd
Graceful PreeningJohn StraubS
Splendid Belted KingfisherLibby LordS
Salon 1st
That's a Mighty Big FishSusan CaseS
Snowy Owl in the DunesLibby LordS