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Winners for Regular Category
Open - January, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

American BisonGrace YoderA
Black RhinoSusan CaseS
Blending In On The BeachWilliam LatournesA
Boat Out Of WaterKarin LessardA
Bryce Amphitheater and BeyondJohn McGarryS
ChairsAlene GalinA
Checking out the edgesRichard ProvostA
Christmas Wish BridgeJeff LevesqueS
Circling duckRobert McCueA
Come swim with meRon ThomasA
Common SparrowLinda FickingerA
Dog DaysGrace YoderA
Don’t worry, Be happyQuyen PhanB
Dragonfly's DreamMary Anne SirkinA
Fall leaves in sunlightRichard ProvostA
FencesAlene GalinA
First Encounter beach, Cape CodJohn ClancyB
Goat Island LighthouseJeff LevesqueS
Great Blue HeronMerle YoderS
Green Metallic Sweat Bee in a Sacred DaturaBert SirkinS
Heron in the SnowLibby LordS
Jubilation and FrustrationJohn McGarryS
La Veranda, Island of AntiquaLinda FickingerA
Luigi, Cararra Marble QuarrymanLouis Arthur NortonA
Man of HistorySebastian FamaB
MayhemMerle YoderS
Molly Malone and her peddling cartJohn ClancyB
Monet BridgeOwen SmallB
OarsFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Robert Frost Lives HereOwen SmallB
Sandcastle in TimeEric WolfeA
SerenityRon ThomasA
Sunset BoaterMary Anne SirkinA
Testaccio Market, RomePamela CarterB
threesJohn ParisiA
Trees In The FogWilliam LatournesA
Trying to attract a mateFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Uncle Sam Wants You, Camera BoyJohn StraubS
vortexRobert McCueA
While I Was Out Looking For Birds.Marylou LavoieA
Wild Dog Pups - Playing with Their FoodSusan CaseS
Yangtzee River Tributary BridgeLouis Arthur NortonA
Class B HM
Hobbit Trail FallsEric WolfeA
Home RepairsKarin LessardA
Class B 2nd
Jus ChillinSebastian FamaB
King of the Globe ThistleQuyen PhanB
Class B 1st
Dome of St. Peter's BasillicaPamela CarterB
Class A HM
Looking At YOU.Marylou LavoieA
Castle Hill Lighthouse SunsetPeter RossatoA
Class A 2nd
thinks she's still a puppyJohn ParisiA
Class A 1st
Wild Orchid in the Early MorningBob FerranteS
Salon HM
Adrift Between a Rock and a Hot PlaceJohn StraubS
PensiveBill PayneS
Salon 2nd
BalanceBert SirkinS
On a Snowy DuneLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Passing ThroughBill PayneS