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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - September, 2022

All images submitted for this competition

A Weed is Just Another Name..Pamela CarterB
American OystercatcherQuyen PhanB
Among the TreesGrace YoderA
Beagle Passage Rainbow In PatagoniaLouis Arthur NortonA
Black Skimmer SoaringJohn StraubS
Chauncey PeakMark TegtmeierB
Drowning the OpponentLibby LordS
Egret Taking A BathWilliam LatournesA
Egyptian GeeseSusan CaseS
Feather in my BeakTerri-Ann SnedikerB
First morselsRon ThomasA
Going That Extra InchKarin LessardA
Great Horned owletsNancy SchumannA
Great White Egret in FlightJohn McGarryS
Hooded MerganserMarylou LavoieA
Hyena Waiting for ScrapsNancy SchumannA
Monarchs MatingJohn McGarryS
Mr. Frog and the Clover FlowerKarin LessardA
One Twig at a TimeLinda FickingerA
Quabbin in the FallJim PatrinaA
Sea Lion PupsLouis Arthur NortonA
Seagull in AirGrace YoderA
Splish SplashLinda FickingerA
Splish-splashing Red Lechwe in BotswanaEric WolfeA
Stalking PreyWilliam LatournesA
sticky thingsJohn ParisiA
Take A SipBill PayneS
Three Wise Men of Ah She Sli PahPeter RossatoA
Where are all the flowers?Ron ThomasA
White headed Duck DepartureJohn StraubS
Wild Yucca FlowersPeter RossatoA
winter sceneJohn ParisiA
Yosemite Tunnel ViewJim PatrinaA
Class B HM
Red Tail Hawk watching the fieldKevin HulseB
Forest StreamKevin HulseB
Class B 2nd
Waterfall at Sages RevineRobert McCueA
White Water LilyQuyen PhanB
Glasswing ButterflyTerri-Ann SnedikerB
Class B 1st
Green sweat beeRobert McCueA
Class A HM
Autumn DiningMarylou LavoieA
BustedEric WolfeA
Class A 2nd
UnhingedBob FerranteS
Bee StillBob FerranteS
Waving HelloJeff LevesqueS
Class A 1st
Protective MotherJeff LevesqueS
Salon HM
Dinner to goFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Kestrel with a GrasshopperLibby LordS
An orange treatMerle YoderS
Ruffled FeathersMerle YoderS
Salon 2nd
Red wing black bird with snackFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Hare For LunchBill PayneS
Salon 1st
Dinner was delicious!Susan CaseS