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Winners for Internet Category
Nature - January, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

Alien Throne MoonrisePeter RossatoA
aloneJohn ParisiA
Angel TerraceJim PatrinaA
Back off, human!Linda FickingerA
Berries, Berries, Berries, I Love BerriesBill PayneS
ButterflyKevin HulseB
Butterfly on groundRon ThomasA
CaughtAlene GalinA
Cold Morning Swim On A Rocky BeachLouis Arthur NortonA
Cormorant With CatchMarylou LavoieA
Fritillaries Feasting on ThistleJohn McGarryS
GlacierLouis Arthur NortonA
Here I comeRon ThomasA
Nazca Boobies In The Midday SunBob FerranteS
Reaching OutMark TegtmeierB
Red Rock Canyon NevadaQuyen PhanB
She is not ImpressedLinda FickingerA
ShiprockPeter RossatoA
tides of timeJohn ParisiA
Yellowstone SunriseJim PatrinaA
Class B HM
Bird in a treeRobert McCueA
Misty shoreJohn ClancyB
So redJohn ClancyB
Geese on the FarmingtonKevin HulseB
Class B 2nd
On Alert in the MarshMark TegtmeierB
Class B 1st
Loxahatchee owlRobert McCueA
A Little Birdie Told MeQuyen PhanB
Class A HM
SiblingsJeff LevesqueS
SurfacingJeff LevesqueS
Black And Orange CaterpillarWilliam LatournesA
Class A 2nd
Someone's in Trouble Now!Eric WolfeA
Class A 1st
MajestyEric WolfeA
Looking Right At YouWilliam LatournesA
Breakfast DelicacyMarylou LavoieA
Salon HM
MouthfulFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Saltmarsh SalonJohn StraubS
Hovering Tree SwallowJohn StraubS
Western Gray SquirrelJohn McGarryS
You Looking at MeBill PayneS
Great Horned Owl w SquirrelLibby LordS
Carolina WrenMerle YoderS
Salon 2nd
WaspFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Giant Anteater with Yummy AntsSusan CaseS
Muskrat MunchingLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Lion Cub - On the ProwlSusan CaseS
A hug for mom.Merle YoderS