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Winners for Special Category
Abstracts - January, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

abstract dahliaRobert McCueA
BurstQuyen PhanB
FirestormBob FerranteS
Have a SeatLinda FickingerA
Painter's DuskEric WolfeA
Plant in the Basalt Rock FormationChip NeumannB
Rope Waves By A ForestLouis Arthur NortonA
Rudolph the Red Nosed Ice SculpturePamela CarterB
Spider With DragonflyWilliam LatournesA
SquigglesAlene GalinA
Stair SquaresPeter RossatoA
Swirling lightRon ThomasA
Tree in AutumnFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Vegas mornJohn ParisiA
What happened to my bowlJohn ClancyB
Class B HM
Abstract Glass FlowersMireille NeumannB
Class B 2nd
Tulip CycloneMark TegtmeierB
Class B 1st
Textured SunflowersKevin HulseB
Class A HM
Carpio in AbstractoArt McMannusA
Class A 2nd
Nauset Beach AbstractJeff LevesqueS
Mondrian ProcessionMarylou LavoieA
Class A 1st
White Sands National Park Moon RiseJim PatrinaA
Salon HM
Lava Rock LayersJohn McGarryS
SpiralsLibby LordS
Salon 2nd
Vincent van Gogh's BulldogJohn StraubS
Salon 1st
Where the Sidewalk EndsBill PayneS