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Winners for Regular Category
Creative - February, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

A Dark and Stormy NightChip NeumannB
Blizzard CharlotteJohn ParisiA
Blue and Gold Abstract,John McGarryS
Column of smokeRon ThomasA
Craig Science - CasualArt McMannusA
Dancers In IcelandLouis Arthur NortonA
Fall ContrastJohn McGarryS
Field of FirefliesLibby LordS
Hot PinkPamela CarterB
Illuminated LeavesQuyen PhanB
Indian Dancer on BricksFrank Zaremba, MNECS
It's A Wonderful WorldMarylou LavoieA
Jumping MermaidWilliam LatournesA
Mornings Can Be ScaryEric WolfeA
Pretentious Restaurant, After-hoursEric WolfeA
Seattle SightingMireille NeumannB
Spider RideWilliam LatournesA
Tango FinaleLouis Arthur NortonA
The Genie is out of the bottleRon ThomasA
Tiddley TulipsLinda FickingerA
Tree TrunkAlene GalinA
Two TulipsQuyen PhanB
Class B HM
Block Island Building —- After HopperDavid RobinsB
Anticipation in BluePamela CarterB
Read Us Another One!Mark TegtmeierB
Class B 2nd
RetiredMark TegtmeierB
Class B 1st
Still life — composite number 16David RobinsB
Class A HM
beautiful ghostJohn ParisiA
Hummingbird Don't Fly AwayMarylou LavoieA
Zooming ByAlene GalinA
Class A 2nd
PlashLinda FickingerA
MoonlightingBob FerranteS
Class A 1st
Once Upon a Time in New YorkArt McMannusA
Salon HM
Looking Toward the SunBill PayneS
Salon 2nd
Starry NightLibby LordS
Salon 1st
Mystical DruidsFrank Zaremba, MNECS
The Phantom of the TractorJohn StraubS
Well RestedBill PayneS
Rough Landing AnticipatedJohn StraubS