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Winners for Regular Category
Portrait - April, 2023

All images submitted for this competition

Abigail's smileMireille NeumannB
Artistic Director with ComposerEric WolfeA
Bad Hair DayAlene GalinA
Before The DanceWilliam LatournesA
Beguiling Fortune TellerEric WolfeA
BrianQuyen PhanB
Captain PieterMireille NeumannB
Come Sail Away With Me!Dolores BrownB
CutieAlene GalinA
Ella having FunJim PatrinaA
Fun with BubblesJohn McGarryS
Heluva Beard!Mark TegtmeierB
How to eat your 1st Birthday CakeLibby LordS
Janet, laughingDavid RobinsB
KatieLinda FickingerA
Love Is ...Terri-Ann SnedikerB
Nice Plaid ShirtWilliam LatournesA
One TodayBill PayneS
Referee's WarningJohn McGarryS
Regina in Carl’s kitchenDavid RobinsB
relaxingJohn ParisiA
Relaxing Between the TripsBill PayneS
Ship AhoyChip NeumannB
Steampunk FashionMerle YoderS
Stu and KatelynArt McMannusA
The Boy With Kaleidoscope Eyes (Michael)Ian VeitzerB
The girls waiting for sunsetJim PatrinaA
The Prepared PhotographerJohn StraubS
Wedding Candid - Cologne, GermanyArt McMannusA
Yucky!Dolores BrownB
Class B HM
Civil War Reenactment SoldierKevin HulseB
Class B 2nd
The Beekeeper (Cameron)Ian VeitzerB
The TinmanKevin HulseB
Class B 1st
Girlfriends and SelfiesTerri-Ann SnedikerB
Sarah--Dreamy GazeMark TegtmeierB
Class A HM
GrandmaRon ThomasA
Latvian HunterLouis Arthur NortonA
after the raceJohn ParisiA
Class A 2nd
NatalieRon ThomasA
WindblownLinda FickingerA
Sharon & TitoPeter RossatoA
Cuban Senior GentlemanLouis Arthur NortonA
Class A 1st
Sitting on the Dance FloorPeter RossatoA
Salon HM
Sisters, Snicker and SneerJohn StraubS
Business PortraitFrank Zaremba, MNECS
Proudly Celebrating her Quinceanera (15th birthday)Libby LordS
Salon 2nd
This Pirate is Arrrrrrrmed!Merle YoderS
Salon 1st
Flower Child Elizabeth ParkFrank Zaremba, MNECS