Idiocracy, the movie

Pretty in pink and blue.

Weathered and Red

Fall Snow


Burnin' down the house

Seasonal Disorder

Two kinds of Electricity

Land of Idaho

Past life Building

Somewhere in Idaho


Catherine Jane



Oh, Hi there.

Something is not right

Dragonfly in a sea of green

Nature's Soup

Painted Sunset

Blue Lamp

Blue Morning

Green Wave

Gull and Stones

Shapes of Light

Crumbling of the past

My Pal, Caity


Brew Tank

Kids Today

Lady Bug

Fall Evening

Nailed it.

Pilot Down. Pilot Down!

Seed Explosion

The Dragon Fly that stayed still

A day in Essex, CT

Hartford's Mirror

Lancaster, PA - Wide open Farm country

Arnstam Family

David and Caity

The Answer

Backyard Bird

Dancer in the Road

Rainy View

Sunset 1





More Images

Cheryl Picard photography display at the Simsbury Public Library
Obsessive Chair Disorder, Cheryl Picard, open, Jan 16 - 20
Farm Fresh, Cheryl Picard, Open, Jan 16 - 19
Horse Town, Cheryl Picard, Still Life, Jan 16 - 21
Watching, Cheryl Picard, Animals, Dec 2015 - 22
Rye Reflection, Cheryl Picard, Reflections, Nov 15
Rye, Cheryl Picard, Open, Nov 15
Winter's beauty, Cheryl Picard, Open, Nov 15 - 22
Hill and Cloud, Cheryl Picard, Nature, Oct 15