Member Recognition Column

The Simsbury Camera Club thrives because of the dedicated volunteer spirit of our members. George Zars was one of our past members who exemplified that spirit. In looking to honor his memory, I was inspired to organize this column which will recognize members past and present who have, over time, exhibited participation and volunteerism above and beyond that of the average member. This year the Member Recognition Column will be written by Lou Norton, Judy Rabinowitz and Alene Galin (at times extrapolating information from previous issues of “Focal Point”, by Ben Skaught), will highlight a member about every two months and will be archived on our website for future reference.

Feel free to email me names of deserving honorees.

Alene Galin, Organizer
[email protected]

Susan Case

When Susan Case is not out photographing in some remote jungle, a national park or on an exotic island, we appreciate Susan’s executive function ability to organize what has become […]

Vitali Zhulkovsky

Vitali Zhulkovsky, invisible mystery man, is one of our most significant members. He immigrated from Russia to the United States in the very late twentieth century. Vitali was trained as […]

Rob Sternschein

Rob’s interest in photography began early in life when he was given a developing kit at 8 years old, to go with his Kodak Brownie camera. The kit contained three […]

Danielle D’Ermo

Danielle was a nature lover from a very early age, eventually taking photographs with a small point and shoot camera.  She literally had greatness thrust upon her when her boyfriend […]

J. John Straub

When one chooses a profession that necessitates examining images in great detail to interpret their meaning, it is not surprising that photography might become one’s hobby. This came to pass […]

Alene Galin

As with many of us, Alene’s first exposure to photography was through her dad taking family vacation photos.  She carried on the tradition with her own family, then took it […]

Lorraine Cosgrove

Photography and its diverse challenges can facilitate life changing experiences. Lorraine Cosgrove’s relationship with the Simsbury Camera Club largely exemplifies how this leisure pursuit foreshadowed her productive life in capturing […]

Frank Zaremba, MNEC

Frank started participating in Simsbury Camera Club ancillary activities around 2014.  He attended a presentation by Nathan Gutman at the Simsbury Library, and pointed out an easier way to accomplish […]

Lou Norton

Lou Norton has worn many hats. After graduating from Bowdoin College as a chemistry major he received a DMD degree from Harvard School of Dental Medicine and then became a […]

William “Bill” Latournes

The town of Windsor Locks has provided us with noted people such as Governor Ella Grasso and John Chapman (recent Air Force medal of honor recipient). It is the is home of Bradley Field International Airport and The New England Air Museum and the notable town gave the Simsbury Camera Club William Latournes. Bill, however, now resides nearby in his wife Barbara’s home town, Windsor.

Chris Fisher

The first time Chris Fisher approached photography seriously was when he and his wife, Diane, took the summer of 1972 to travel to Europe on $5/day. They purchased two Eurail Passes that allowed them to travel in first class comfort for 7 weeks for only $300. They traveled from the Italian Riviera up to the fjords of Norway, taking 700 to 800 slides.

William (Bill) Payne

The man operating the SCC’s image projector, William T. Payne Jr., is a transplant from Wellesley, Massachusetts where he grew up. Bill graduated from the Noble and Greenough School (N&G) […]

David Royce

David has been a key member of the Simsbury Camera Club since he joined in 1994.  He served two terms as President 1999-2003 and helped grow the club; taking on many […]

John McGarry

John shot film back in the 1970s and 1980s, mostly Kodachrome 64. Work and family obligations caused me to sideline my photography except for family vacations and holidays. After I […]

Raymond Padron

Politics, perseverance and the desire to prevail characterize the early life of Raymond and the Padron family. Ray’s father was a successful business man in Cuba’s sugar industry before Fidel […]

Judy Rabinowitz

Though the romance may have faded, Judy Rabinowitz’s love of photography never dwindled. She credits a former boyfriend with teaching her how to look and capture what she observed on […]

Nathan Gutman

Nathan Gutman served as a slave laborer for the Nazis during World War II. Liberated by American soldiers at the Mauthausen concentration camp, Nathan described his initial feelings concerning freedom […]

Jim Patrina

The Man Behind the Projector Jim Patrina has been a Simsbury Camera Club mainstay for many years. His major contribution has been being the man behind the projector collecting, organizing […]

Bruce Metzger

Years of Wisdom and Artistic Sensitivity Bruce Metzger is a unique member of the Simsbury Camera Club with a background that combines being a mechanical engineer specializing in aeronautics and […]

George Zars

The avuncular soft-spoken George Zars had been a devoted member of the Simsbury Camera club since 1968. His interests were broad and included scouting and astronomy. His most abiding love […]