2019-2020 Awards and Promotions

Medallion Trophies

Group B

High Total Points  –  Charles Hall

High Average Points  –  Ron Thomas

2nd High Average Points  –  Peter Rossato

Group A

High Total Points  –  Alene Galin

High average Points  –  Lorraine Cosgrove

2nd High average Points  –  Nancy Schumann


High Total Points  –  Frank Zaremba MNEC

High Average Points  –  Frank Zaremba MNEC

2nd High average Points  –  Libby Lord

Congratulations to Libby Lord for receiving the 2020 year end 2nd Highest Average Points award at the Salon level!
Congratulations to Lorraine Cosgrove for winning the highest average points award for Class A for the 2019-2020 calendar year.
Congratulations to Frank Zaremba MNEC for receiving both the (1.) High Total Points award and the (2.) High Average Points award for the 2019-2020 calendar year for the Salon class! Pictured with Frank is Club president John Straub.


Ron Thomas B to A

Peter Rossato B to A

Nick Bennett B to A

Lorraine Cosgrove A to Salon

Year End Trophies

Best Travel
“Sunset Stroll” – Nancy Schumann

Congratulations to Nancy Schumann for winning the Best Travel Photo of the Year award (and trophy) for her image titled “Sunset Stroll”. Nancy was also awarded the 2nd Highest average Points award for Class A for the 2019-2020 calendar year!

Alternate Class Best Travel
“Fill the Sky”  –  Ben Skaught

Congratulations to Ben Skaught for receiving the Alternate Class Best Travel image 2020 year end Award for his image titled ‘Fill the Sky’!

Ben’s description of his image: ‘A coronal shot of the aurora emerges directly overhead and fills the frame with a burst of greens and pinks’.

Best Nature
“Skipper on Yarrow, Early Morning”  –  John McGarry

Congratulations to John McGarry for winning the 2019-2020 Best Nature Award for this beautiful image titled “Skipper on Yarrow, Early Morning”!

Best Alternate Class Nature
“Windy Feather Day”  –  Ron Thomas

Congratulations to Ron Thomas for winning the 2019-2020 Best Alternate Class Nature Award for this beautiful image titled “Windy Feather Day”! Best viewed by opening each image.
Ron also received a medallion trophy for having the highest average number of points for class B. Ron was also promoted from Class B to Class A. What a way to end the 2029-2020 year, Ron!

Best Creative
“Peony”  –  Danielle D’Ermo

Congratulations to Danielle D’Ermo for receiving the Best Creative year end trophy for her image titled “Peony”. Presenting Danielle is club president John Straub.

Best Portrait
“Stan”  –  Alene Galin

Congratulations to Alene Galin for winning the 2019-2020 year end Best Portrait award for her image titled ‘Stan’. Alene also received the year end high points award for Class A!

Best Image of the Year 
“Rows Upon Rows”  –  John Parisi

Congratulations to John Parisi for receiving the 2019-2020 year end Best Image of the Year award for his image titled ‘Rows upon rows upon rows’!

Best Alternates Class Image of the Year
“Book keeping by Daylight”  –  Peter Rossato

Congratulations to Peter Rossato for winning the Best Alternate’s Class Image of the Year for his image titled “Book keeping by Daylight”!

Five Pictures per Maker as Selected by Bill Payne
The Honorable Mention Pictures for 2019-20 as Selected by an Outside Judge.