Spring competition results from NECCC

In the Nature competition, Simsbury Camera Club finished 3rd out of 20 clubs in Group A this spring cementing our ranking for the competition year as 3rd of 20. In […]

Two End of Year Trophies are Named

Somehow over the years two trophies have remained unnamed. When Frank Zaremba realized this, he brought it to the attention of the board and discussions began about honoring two most […]

2019-2020 Awards and Promotions

Medallion Trophies Group B High Total Points  –  Charles Hall High Average Points  –  Ron Thomas 2nd High Average Points  –  Peter Rossato Group A High Total Points  –  Alene […]

Images for Coping

During these anxious and uncertain times, the members of the Simsbury Camera Club offer these images of hope, healing and humor. Our goal is to bring some measure of comfort. […]

2018-19 Season Year End Winners

Image of the Year “Yellow Collared Scape Moth in Dew” – John McGarry Alternate Class Image of the Year “Ribbons” – John Parisi Nature Image of the Year “Lynx” – […]

Simsbury Camera Club 2018 Annual Banquet

Tonight, we are enjoying the artistry and community of the Simsbury Camera Club. We’ll see the best of the year’s images We’ll enjoy some humorous images We’ll recognize club members […]

4th place in the 2017 Biennial CAP competition

Simsbury Camera Club receives 4th place (298 points) in the 2017 Biennial Connecticut Association of Photographers competition among Connecticut camera clubs. Thirteen clubs participated in the 2017 competition. Danielle D’Ermo […]

Refreshment Volunteers 2017-2018

10/2/2017 Library Bill Latournes 10/18/2017 Eno Hall Alene Galin 11/6/2017 Library Judy Rabinowitz 11/15/2017 Eno Hall Jim Patrina 12/4/2017 Library Susan Case 12/20/2017 Eno Hall 1/8/2018 Library Cherly Picard 1/17/2018 […]

2017 Year End Winners

Changing Of The Guard – Tomb Of The Unknown Soldier In Athens by Susan Case Gerbera Daisy by Dolph Fusco Grazing in the Grass by John McGarry Matt with Bow […]

NECCC Winter Competition Results

Congratulations for the winning images Nature Class A John McGarry Grazing In The Grass score 25 2nd place Simsbury Club Score 86 tied for 3 place out of 21 clubs […]

End Of Year Images 2015-2016

Creative Image of the Year Frank Zaremba   Travel Image of the Year Lou Norton   Travel Image of the Year Alternate John McGarry   Portrait Image of the Year […]

Susan Poirier wins NECCC Image of the Year Pictorial B

2015 ‐ 2016 Electronic Interclub Competition Pictorial Class B First Place Winner ‐ “Flowers In Her Hair” by Susan Poirier, Simsbury Camera Club The 2015-16 season of NECCC’s Electronic Interclub […]

Competition Images Upload

If you encounter any issues with the steps below, please don’t hesitate to email me at [email protected]. To start, please go to the login page enter your email and password, […]

New Cosmos of Photography competition

Canon Inc. announced today that the Company will begin accepting entries for its New Cosmos of Photography 2016 (39th edition) photo competition on April 20. The New Cosmos of Photography […]

Inexperience and the lunar eclipse

For the sake of other inexperienced members, I will share these thoughts from my attempt (some with a “duh” dope slap to the forehead). I will not share my own […]

Judges and Judging

Whether you realize it or not, photo judges along the way have all contributed to your evolution as a photographer. Your most formidable competitor was not your peers but yourself. […]