Susan Case

When Susan Case is not out photographing in some remote jungle, a national park or on an exotic island, we appreciate Susan’s executive function ability to organize what has become a complex SCC meeting involving a variety of activities. Our former president lived in a variety of places as a youngster but considers herself very much of a Connecticut girl having graduated from Simsbury high school in 1968. She was married at the age of 18 after briefly attending Colby College and later, getting a BA degree from Skidmore in business/public administration. While being active as a mother of two daughters (and later two grandchildren), and working fulltime, she made time to attend night classes at UConn Law school. Upon graduation the busy lady worked as an attorney for several local insurance companies including: The Hartford as an assistant vice president, and Cigna as vice president. Later she later changed her focus to insurance technology ultimately working for a San Mateo, California company Guidewire Software. All this time she was remained based in Simsbury and commuted traveling across United States for many years. Susan retired in 2014 order to pursue her many interests. These include long distance camping in the family RV and foreign travel, often to exotic places. For the latter experiences however, she likes to go in comfort if possible.

Susan had been interested in photography for many years but became far more serious in the hobby around 2008 when she got her first digital point and shoot camera, then graduated to a Nikon D 90 with two zoom lenses, one a wide angle mostly for scenery and a longer lens for capturing animals, her passion. Currently she uses a Nikon Z 6ii camera and the following lenses: Nikkor Z 24-70 mm f/2.8 and her trusty Tamron SP 150-600 mm f/5-6.3 (with adapter) to meet her needs on her many trips.

Around 2014 she decided that she wish to learn about more about photography and the “magic” of postprocessing. This led her to inquire about and subsequently join as the Simsbury camera club. It did not take much time before she became fairly comfortable using Lightroom, however, she is still learning like all of us. She has also dabbled in Photoshop. She started off by attending judging sessions and became one of herself for many years. She feels that she has learned the most about photography by listening to the comments of others in these sessions and attending our many library lecture series.

Susan’s numerous talents were recognized by many older club members. She was soon elected vice president and later president. When available between her numerous trips, she volunteers as a judge for our monthly contests. She credits her colleagues on the club’s board for their hard work and dedication in making the club what it is. Our long time Simsbury resident is particularly pleased with the very large influx of talent that have recently joined or club. Our excellent website and internet media presence has attracted a variety of fascinating new talented people to join or club. One bonus has been the hands-on and person-to-person interactions afforded by our club’s photographic outings. She has been amazed at the imagination that the members have displayed as they have become increasingly sophisticated with post-processing, and she also that members are recommitting themselves to emphasizing basic composing and lighting skills.