End of Year Awards – 2023

Image of the Year – John McGarry Award

Green Lacewing

John McGarry

The color harmony, texture. low eye to eye composition, subject details and subject matter make this image just stellar.

Alternate Image of the Year – Patrina / Metzger Award

Icelandic Makeshift Walkway

Louis Arthur Norton

The layers, storytelling, and atmosphere really make this image resonate.

Nature Image of the Year – Strindberg Award

Me and my shadow

Frank Zaremba

The subject’s shadow is the icing on the cake, but the subject matter, details and diagonal composition are fantastic.

Ed Emmons Alternate Nature of the Year

Lunch all wrapped up

Bill Latournes

Great storytelling and detail, what a capture!

Portrait of the Year – Kennedy Award

Sisters Snickers and Sneer

John Straub

Fun, comical, and timeless

Travel Image of the Year – Doherty Award

Light Snow pine tree and Bryce Rock

John McGarry

Wonderful lighting and composition. The powdered sugar effect of the snow makes the scene

Alternate Travel Image of the Year – Judy Rubinowitz Award

North End

John Parisi

The colors and vertical composition really work well here, and the person with the umbrella adds to the storytelling, good impact.

Creative Image of the Year – Nathan Gutman Award

Headed for you

Bill Payne

Very creative use of a multiple exposure