Squash Leaf

Three Trees At Sunset

White Rose



Wadsworth Atheneum

Boat After Dark

Moth On Lavender

Sixty Six Mustang Steering Wheel

Ghost Dog Running On Water

Psychedelic Ferns

Travelers Tower On The Gold Building

Deer On The Pathway

Lighthouse Behind The Wave


On The Beach

Praying Mantis Dinner

Portal To The Sky



Cormorant Coming In For A Landing

Ibis Fishing

Rain Drops On The Edge Of A Rose


Moonrise Over Newport

The Old Water Wheel

Monarch Butterfly

Tobacco Road

Waves At The Beach

Deer In The Woods

On My Pad

Cape Cod Boardwalk

Patio Blocks With Snow

Seagull Taking A Bath

Block Reflection

Pretty In Pink

Two Brothers and There Cousin

Going After The Puck

Ice On The Connecticut River

Water Lily

Sailboats Heading Out

Spinning Propeller

Windmill From The Ground

Ducks On The Pond


Frozen Falls

Rose After The Rain

Sailboat Reflection

Harper The Elf

Raindrops On Leaf

Yellow Buoy

Get Your Motor Running

Pecks Skipper


Limerock Racing, CT

Scorpion Gulch AZ

Silverware In Window

Inside The Wave

Safe At Home

Standing In There

Big Mouth Robin Baby

Green Caterpiller

Catching The Drops

Looking At You

Prickly Cactus

Building on the Building



Pathway To The Beach Cape Cod

This Elf Had To Many Rum and Cokes

Waiting For A Fish


Ghost Ship

Unbrella Reflections in the Pitchers

Houses on the Lake

Pink Rose After the Rain

Waiting for a Fly

Bicycle on the Fence at the Beach


Gypsy Moth

Lifeguard Chair in the Fog

Swimming Beaver

Black Wasp

Cattle Egret

Pond Sunset

Getting Ready To Surf

Gong Yogo On The Beach At Sunset

White Peony

Dragonfly and Damselfly

Fly Fishing

Grazing In The Grass

Sitting On A Cactus

Storm Clouds Over The Harbor

Mulholland Lighthouse In The Mist

Pink Rose

Spider Web

Bavarian Couple

Through The Suroof

Young Man In Black

Boat Reflection

Qrange Glass Globe

White Duck

Mama And Her Babies

Monelle Bike

Truck For Sale

Changing On The Beach At Sunset

Garter Snake

Little Gray Heron

On The Sand

Swimming Swan

Milkweed With Dew

Red Barn Door

White Boat in the Grass

Flying Dog

Osprey Eating Fish

Red Headed Egret

Gay Head Lighthouse Marthas Vineyard

Mulholland Point Lighthouse

Old Boathouse

Hummingbird Moth

Lines in the Sand

Tariffville Gazebo

Dont Think That Is a Robin

Running From His Shadow

Beach in a Snowstorm


Surfer in the Mist

Lobstering in Canada

Ski Jumping

Stained Glass

Spinning Colos

Trees in the Forest

White Leave

Bra on the Ceiling

On the Barn

On the Mirror

Beacon Hill Athletic Club



Block Island Ferry and Fishing Boat

Coming Out of the Water

Learning to Sail in Newport

Running on the Beach


Blue Laced Orpington

Orange Yellow Dahlia

Watching the Earthly Glow





Lighthouse Point State Park


Feed Me



Lilley After the Rain

River Sunrise

Fishing Under the Moon

Sugar House

Whiskey Barrel


Get the Ball

Meeting at the Swings

Bass Player

Blues Singer

Ghost Train

More Images

Milkweed, Bill Latournes, Open, Jan 2016 PSAN - 18
Blue Cypress Conservation Area Florida, Bill Latournes, Open, Jan2016 PSAN - 21
King of the Toybox, Bill Latournes, Still Life, Jan2016 - 18
Swimming in the Bubbles, Bill Latournes, Nature, Dec 2015 PSAN - 23
Running Away, Bill Latournes, Nature, Dec2015 PSAN - 19
Tree and Fence, Bill Latournes, Creative, Dec 2015 - 23
Water Lilley, Bill Latournes, Creative, Dec 2015 - 26
Museum in a Window, Bill Latournes, Reflection, Nov2015
Six Horse Hitch, Bill Latournes, Open, Nov2015
Yellow Lilly, Bill Latournes, Open, Nov2015
Coming Up For Air, Bill Latournes, Nature, Oct 2015 PSAN
On the Pine Neddles, Bill Latournes, Nature, Oct2015, PSAN
Sunset Silhouette, Bill Latournes, Creative, Oct2015
Birdhouse in the Fog, Bill Latournes, Water, Sept 2015
Newport Polo, Bill Latournes, Open, Sept2015
Sheer Beauty, Bill Latournes, Open, Sept2015
Black and White on a Rock, Bill Latournes, Nature, Sep13 PSAN
Hanging Upside Down, Bill Latournes Nature, Sept15, psan
Yellow Lily, Bill Latournes, Open, Jan 2015

NECCC Winter Competition Results

Congratulations for the winning images Nature Class A John McGarry Grazing In The Grass score 25 2nd place Simsbury Club Score 86 tied for 3 place out of 21 clubs […]