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The Simsbury Camera Club, located in Simsbury, Connecticut, was established in 1955 and has been active for over 60 years. The club usually meets the first Monday of the month at the Simsbury public library at 6:30 PM and the third Wednesday of the month at Eno Memorial Hall at 754 Hopmeadow Street (Route 10/202), Simsbury, Connecticut at 7:00pm, September through May.

We are a friendly group interested in enhancing the photographic skills of our members. We extend a hearty welcome to all those who enjoy photography, regardless of their level of expertise.

We are always glad to have new folks join us for our meetings. We hope you will become interested enough to become a MEMBER of our club so you can learn along with us about how to take better pictures and participate in our monthly internal club and periodic external competitions.

List of Officers and Committee Chairs

Elected Officers (Voting Executive Board Members)

President - John Straub
  • Sets meeting agendas, runs general and board meetings
  • Reserves meeting space, dates, times
  • Receives and responds to outside email
  • Empties SCC mailbox, redirects or handles mail
  • Coordinates club activities
  • Acts as MC for the Annual Awards Dinner
  • Alternate signatory on club bank accounts
  • Listed on club incorporation papers
  • Appoints ad hoc committees as needed
Vice President - Alene Galin
  • Attends board meetings
  • Works with president on all activities as needed
  • Substitutes for president as needed
  • Helps coordinate club activities
  • Arranges for year-end awards, trophies and certificates
  • Is expected to move up to president in the next election
Treasurer - Rob Sternschein
  • Attends board meetings
  • Prepares monthly Excel spreadsheet financial statement for board
  • Responsible for all club financial matters
  • Receives and tracks dues payments and annual dinner fees
  • Maintains membership data base
  • Orders award ribbons
  • Main signatory on club bank accounts.
  • Disburses club funds for speakers, outside membership fees, P.O. Box rental, meeting room rental, donations, supplies, annual awards dinner, and incidental expenses
  • Makes bank deposits for the club and writes all the checks.
  • Accepts reservations and payments for year-end awards dinner, communicates with event chair
  • Manages tax and incorporation documents. Files annual paperwork for State of Connecticut and IRS
Secretary - Nancy Schumann
  • Attends board meetings
  • Takes minutes at meetings and publishes them
  • Sends out any official correspondence
  • Maintains and publishes club documents, such as meeting schedule, membership form, submission rules, bylaws, etc.
  • In charge of club archives
Immediate Past President - Bill Latournes
  • Attends board meetings
  • Assists in transition for new President
  • Takes on responsibilities and tasks as requested by President and other Executive Board members

Executive Committee Chairs (Voting Executive Board Members)

Monthly SCC Photo Club Competitions - Bill Payne
  • Attends board meetings
  • Acts as main source for image submission rules
  • Receives all submissions for monthly club competitions
  • Arranges images into slide show format for judging session
  • Displays images at judging session and at general meeting
  • Keeps score during judging session, determines winners
  • Delivers submission list with scores to Webmaster for posting
  • Writes and hands out ribbons to winners
  • Sends winning images to Webmaster for display on website and to Outside Competition chair for potential submission
  • Produces slideshow for year-end judging session and awards banquet
  • Displays images at year-end judging, tracks scores, and determines winners
  • Delivers year-end winners’ information to VP for trophies and certificates, and to Webmaster for posting on website.
Judging: SCC Competitions - Frank Zaremba
  • Attends board meetings.
  • Attends all judging sessions for SCC competitions.
  • Schedules judges, and reminds them ahead of time.
  • Schedules comment scribes for each judging session and reminds them ahead of time.
  • Oversees training of members to judge.
  • Arranges for outside judges for year-end judging, plus approved honorarium
  • Convenes Judging and Comments subcommittees as needed.
Programs: Outside Speakers (including EOY Speaker) - Bill Latournes
  • Attends board meetings
  • Before the start of meeting year identifies, contacts, and schedules all outside speakers for the year. A list shall be maintained for possible speakers, and members can suggest potential speakers – some from the NECCC conference
  • During the meeting year, maintains contact with upcoming presenters, provides driving directions and technical support as needed
  • Coordinates payments by the treasurer
  • Publicizes upcoming speakers email
  • Introduces the presenters at the meetings and follows up with thank you notes and emails
  • Maintains speaker records, including evaluations
Programs: After the Break and other Internal Speakers - Frank Zaremba
  • Attends board meetings
  • Solicits input from members on topics of interest for monthly discussions or mini-presentations
  • Plans and schedules monthly forums, coordinating or presenting as needed. Publicizes upcoming forums.
  • Collects suggestions for workshops and road trips, and assists coordinators/leaders as needed and communicates information with membership.

Other Committee Chairs/Coordinators

Website - Vitali Zhulkovsky
  • Contact: vzhulkovsky@gmail.com
  • Maintains the SCC website
  • Keeps all data up-to-date
  • Receives and posts club competition digital winners monthly
  • Accepts and posts information from members relating to their websites, shows, publications, etc.
Simsbury Bank Calendar Coordinator - Ray Padron
  • Negotiates annually with The Simsbury Bank representatives to establish remuneration and terms of image use
  • Communicates terms, image requests, and submittal procedures to members
  • Collects all images digitally by the required mid-September date
  • Tracks and submits all images to the bank, and acts as contact during the selection process
  • Coordinates the annual December visit of the bank rep to SCC with check and calendars
Facebook, Public Relations and Publicity - Lorraine Cosgrove
  • Publicizes SCC meetings and activities through multiple channels, such as the SCC Facebook site, Simsbury Patch, Valley Press, and Hartford Courant
  • Coordinates responses to outside requests for photo services and art displays
  • Consults with Webmaster on website content and design
Annual Awards Dinner - Danielle D'Ermo
  • Works with board to identify event location and set date
  • Arranges event with hosting site, including setting menu and negotiating rates and other arrangements
  • Coordinates with Programs Chair for speaker program.
  • Coordinates with Monthly Competitions Chair on showcase of year’s winners
  • Coordinates with VP regarding trophies and certificates
  • Publicizes event to membership through emails and website posts.
  • Tracks reservations and communicates with event host.
Library Seminars - Frank Zaremba
  • Organize monthly seminars presented on the first Monday of the month during the regular meeting season
Digital Competitions – External - Bill Latournes/John Straub
  • Coordinates with Executive Board to determine which external competitions the SCC should participate in for the current club year (NECCC, Glennie, CAP, PSA, other).
  • Coordinates with the Monthly Competitions Chair to identify pool of images for selection of images to be submitted to external competitions.
  • Attends all judging sessions for selection of images to be submitted to external competitions.
  • Schedules judges, and reminds them ahead of time.
  • Sends selected images to outside competitions in SCC’s name.
  • Tracks submissions and results, and publicizes to the club members
  • Receives outside awards and presents them to winners
  • Shows and critiques competition winners
Refreshments Coordinator- Nancy Schumann
  • Schedules members to supply refreshments for each meeting at the beginning of the meeting year
  • Sends reminders to the members the week before each meeting
  • Sets up and clears away the refreshment table before and after each meeting
  • Collects and tracks the refreshments cash donations
  • Monitors the staples and purchases additional items as needed. Any excess cash is periodically given the treasurer
  • Refreshment Volunteers 2016-2017
Library Display Coordinator - Nancy Schumann
  • Acts as liaison with Simsbury Public Library (SPL) personnel regarding monthly and annual displays of members’ printed photographs
  • Coordinates monthly displays at the SPL by soliciting members to display, facilitating the monthly changeovers, and publicizing displays to the membership
  • Coordinates the once a year show in the SPL Presentation Room by soliciting members to display, arranging mount and removal dates, monitoring space availability per member, and publicizing the show internally and externally
Representative for Simsbury Celebrates and Simsbury Airport Fly-In - David Royce
  • Acts as liaison with the organizers
  • Publicizes events to the membership and solicits participation
  • Coordinates SCC displays at Simsbury Celebrates
  • Receives photos from SCC club participants and forwards photos to the event organizers. This is done as a civic service by SCC
Monthly Meeting Greeter/Name Tags - Nancy Schumann
  • Attends scheduled SCC meetings and welcomes members and guests
  • Maintains name tags organizer boxes and brings to each meeting
  • Makes name tags for new members
Club Handbook/Website Content - Frank Zaremba/Donna Griffiths
  • Periodically reviews club handbook/website content to keep up to date.
  • Communicates updates with membership.
Outside Organizations Representative - John Straub
  • Arranges club membership to organizations such as the New England Camera Club Council (NECCC) and the Connecticut Association of Photographers (CAP)
  • Works with the Treasurer to assure payment of club dues to these organizations
  • Receives and manages communications from these organizations
Internal Competition Judges - POOL of Club Members
  • Understands the SCC Judging Guidelines
  • Attends judging sessions for monthly SCC competitions, as committed to the Judging SCC Competitions Chair
Internal Competition Comments Recorders - POOL of Club Members
  • Takes notes of judges’ comments.
  • Condenses and judges’ comments for presentation to membership.
  • Reports judges’ comments during the monthly showing of competition results.

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Simsbury Camera Club is a member of Photographic Society of America

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