Dividend Falls in Autumn

Eye of the White Tiger

Warm Colors Near Dusk of a Gray Day

Autumn Ferns

Cherubic Contemplation

Gram and the Boys

"Wildlife Photography"

A Visit From Captain Stillwell

Deep Winter Glaze at Low Tide

Colors That Pop

Photographing the Grill of His Dreams

The Bite, the Savor and the Song

An Absolute Calm on Rollins Pond

Berlin Reservoir Panorama

So You Call This Powderpuff, Hey

A Harris Hawk Head On

A Sea Lion and Pups Face First Light

Just Like Mom

Tall Fall from the Forest Floor

Water, Fast, Frozen and Fluffy

Dawn from Grove Beach

Look Kids, Paparazzi

Snowy Egret Splashdown

A Ridiculous Ranunculus

Baseball, the One Constant

Kylemore Abbey Emerges from the Fog

Come Fly With Me

Dawn at Low Tide

Osprey Poised to Pounce

Rainbow Near Twilight

The Food Chain

Predawn Pacific Moon

Ranunculi in Bloom

Ride on the Rolling Surf

13th Century Arches, 21st Century Sun

Family by the Kitchen Door

Greek God, Retired

Predawn Mooring

Sunset Afterglow on Grove Beach

Tartia (tarsha) Falls in February

A Gathering of Geese in the Gloom

Escape From the Daily Grind

Faces of Competition, a Remembrance

A Snowy Egret Reflects While Dining

An American Oystercatcher Sings and Dances

Campbell Falls in December

Lower Taughannock (tuck-a-knock) Falls

Shadow of an Old Man with Reflection

Across Nine Decades, a Barbie Connection

Cows Only Shoot RAW, No JPEG

The Morning Sun Peeks Over Cascadilla Gorge

Gray is Boring, So Next Time It's Osprey Orange for Me

Look Out, Fishy, Here I Come

Tandem Waterfalls

Frolic in the Falls of Buttermilk Gorge

Indeed, I Am One Pretty Bird

Please, I Just Need One Ticket Wicked Bad

A Mentoring Moment on a Misty Morning

Autumn Reflection on Wood Pond, West Hartford

Sprinting for Home

Cormorant in Flight

Savoring a Sand Flea in the Surf

Ancient Abbey Ruins Still Enlightened

Fading Beauties

Fisherman in the Mist

Covered With Mud and All Sneakered Out

Grand Central Bustle

The Fog Lifts Over Kylemore Abbey

A Mothering Moment from Metro North

Taps for Old Deere

Tunnel Vision

A Cormorant with an Unrealistic Goal

Nearing Nap Time

Soakin' Up That Sun

Sweetness and Shadows

Fisheye Fireworks Finale

Gatehouse by the Water Company, Landscaping by God

Mortally Colorful

Fisheye Firs and Fool With Furrowed Forehead

Ghosts in the Trinity College Library, Dublin

Sea Lion Serenade

The Cliffs of Moher Near Sunset

Adirondack Milky Way Reflection

Dude, I Can Totally Hear the Ocean

Watch the Mallet There, Ralph Lauren

Goose Family Flotilla

Noncompetitive Kayaking

Sea Lion Surf Snuggle


Finch Father Feeds Famished Family

Salt Marsh Stream in Westbrook

Marsh Wren

Marsh Wren on the Move

Beauty Through Greenhouse Glass

Manual Mode Mandatory

Whiting River Rapids

A Leprechaun's Nightmare

Malibu Wine Safari

Marsh House Old Saybrook

American Kestrel Couple

Dividend Falls

Sunrise Over Westbrook Jetty

2 Rugged Terrain

Cecilia Melter of Hearts

Celestial Soccer

More Images

Mine Eyes Have Seen..., John Straub, Open, Jan 2016 - 25
Tony C, John Straub, Still Life, Jan 2016 - 24
Fledgling Fiddlehead Family of Four, John Straub, Nature, Jan2016 PSAN - 22
Boo, John Straub, Nature, Jan 2016 PSAN - 28
Back Off Camera Boy, John Straub, Open Jan 2016 PSAN - 23
Beauty to the Last Fall, John Straub, Creative, Dec 2015 - 22
Lillypad Fiesta, John Straub, Creative, Dec 2015 - 21
Hawkeyes, red tail hawk
Boo, a barn owl
Upper Dividend Pond, John Straub, Reflections, November15 - 22
Dawn Storm Front, John Straub, Open, Nov 2015 - 22
August Moon Dance Long Island Sound, John Straub, Open, Nov 2015 - 24
Auth's Last Hurrah, John Straub, Nature, October 15 PSAN
Swans Down Lake Mix, John-Straub, Nature, October 15 PSAN
Osprey Mom of the Year, John Straub, Creative, October 2015
Liftoff, John Straub, Water, Sept2015
Bill's Seafood at dusk, John Straub, Open, Sept2015
Looks Greener to Me Too, John Straub, Open, Sept2015
An Egret in Egress, John Straub, Nature, August 2015 PSAN
Furious Finches, John Straub, Nature, August 2015 PSAN
Snowmen Slouching in Chairs by John Straub
Lemon Peel Baseball, John Straub, Worn, Jan 2015