J. John Straub

I am a “newbie” to the Simsbury Camera Club, having joined in December 2014. I’ve been interested in photography for many years, but it is only with retirement that I’ve been able to delve more deeply into this rather vast subject. I’ve already learned a great deal from the multiple talented, experienced club members. I consider myself to be a perpetual work in progress.

While photographically I strive for sharp focus, my exploration of subjects to photograph is not so focused. I suppose if I have any favorite goal in my imaging, it is to capture moments of expressed, or at least perceived, emotion. These moments may involve people or animals and “emotion”, by my definition, includes not only the happiness/laughter to sadness/anger spectrum, but also more subtle expressions such as contemplation, resolve, surprise, curiosity etc. Capturing these moments requires tact, anticipation, patience and being “camera ready”. I still have a lot to learn, but most everyday provides opportunities, sometimes when you least expect them.

As a secondary goal, I strive to image scenes that may evoke emotion in the observer ( a smile, a chuckle or even the rare but ever- coveted “wow”). I realize that what moves me may not move you. But the challenge of the photographer is to still attempt to convey the feeling of beauty, irony, humor etc. that he or she sees. I enjoy this challenge.

I hope you enjoy these.

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Snowmen Slouching in Chairs by John Straub
Snowmen Slouching in Chairs by John Straub

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