End of Year Awards – 2022

McGarry/Image of the Year

Soaring at Salisbury

John Straub

Magnificent capture of the “Decisive Moment”. Perfectly timed and executed.

Patrina-Metzger/Alternate Image of the Year

Mom and Daughter on the Bus, Hartford

John Parisi

The maker captured a beautiful, warm human moment. Wonderful. Black and white was the perfect medium to focus the viewer’s attention on the pair’s complementary facial expressions as well as their expressive hands.

Strindberg/Nature Image of the Year

Window Skimmer at Rest

Libby Lord

Perfect capture of an extremely difficult subject. The intricate details of the wings, head and body are in sharp focus . The stunning blue color body and head are well complemented by the beautiful green bokeh of the background.

Emmons/Alternate  Nature Image of the Year

Good Luck Manny

Linda Fickinger

Terrific capture of an insect looking directly into the camera. Perfect execution. It seems to be posing for a portfolio headshot.

Kennedy/Portrait of the Year


Alene Galin

Extremely creative human portrait with a lot of emotion. This is an instance where the maker has skillfully broken “the rules” by alternating overexposed and underexposed lighting to, I believe, reflect tension. It effectively focuses attention on the subject’s eyes.

Doherty/Travel Image of the Year

Street Scene

Lou Norton

A remarkable capture of a local in a foreign country. I love the expression of the woman being attended to. Capturing the cup of tea, the attending hands and the expression in one frame tells a good story.

Rabinowitz/Alternate Travel Image of the Year

The Avenue of Oaks, Wormsloe Plantation

Libby Lord

Wonderful capture of an iconic scene. Perfectly lit and processed. The sharp focus front to back and symmetric composition are striking.

Gutman/Creative Image of the Year

The Lady of the Forest

Frank Zaremba

Such wonderful creativity in this image. It’s mesmerizing for the viewer. The character of the wood is cleverly blended into the woman’s complexion

5 Pictures Per Maker

Each year the images that score well in the club’s monthly competitions are evaluated by an independent judge from outside the club. That judge selects a winning image for each of the club’s 8 trophies. Each winning photographer and the year of their win are listed below under the name of each trophy.

Trophy Winners

In addition, the names of the winners of now retired awards for slide and print competitions are also listed below, the oldest dating to 1960.

Retired Awards