Cambodian River And Rice Paddies

Flower Bridge In Autumn

Maasai Manyata (village) in Tanzania

Spanish Lady

Temple at Luxor

Weathered Caribbean Fisherman

Cuban Sewing Machine

Egyptian Child with an Attitude

Twins in Pink and White

Emerging From The Holocaust

Sym-phony Served On A Silver Tray

Yangtze River Boatman


Napping Israeli Drifting Into Air Guitarist Position

Patagonian Waterfall

Teatime In Morocco

Tierra del Fuego Summer Afternoon

Baptisms at the Jordon River

Havana Sunset

Roasted Chestnuts

Flamenco Guitarist

South Carolina Marsh

Tanzanian Cape Buffaloes

Cambodian Dragon Boats

Chilean National Park

Feeding Pidgeons And Iguanas In Guayaquil, Ecuador

Cambodian Uber Service

Jerusalem Old City Wall Before Sunset Storm

Young Nabatean Girl Wearing Her Niqab

Early Autumn in McLean Wildlife Sanctuary

Mother Is Watching Over Us

Dew Covered Purple Cabbage


Wedding Portrait In Portugual

Awaiting The Fiddler

Chinese Grandmother Or ZuMu

Young Israeli Dandy

Egyptian Camel Driver

Hungarian Parliament At Night From The Danube

Surf After A Storm At O'Porto Harbor's Entrance

Chilhuly Glass Sculture

Eggs-istential Threat

Kite Surfing

Castle By the River In Cesky Krumlov

Glacia In Patagonia

Hungarian Harpist At Home

Patagonian Peaks Cleaved By Glacia

School Of Fish In A Breaking Ocean Wave

Moravian Fishermen Harvesting Their Catch

Painter''s Palette

Ragman Of Tangiers

A Stairway Built To Paradise

Dangerous Australian Cassowary Up Close

Windswept Patagonian Lake And Mountians

New Zealand Maori Elder

Vietnam Harbor Scene

Vietnamese Shell Boat

1812 Marine Fires A Flash-In-The-Pan

Chinese Lute Player

Cuban Brothers

Ayer's Rock At Twilight

Serengeti Sunrise

Moroccan Casbah Gate

North African Water Seller

Patagonian Guanacos,

Captain Of Old Ironsides At His Starboard Duty Station

Cuban Fisherman

Raisins In The Sun

Romantic Moment In Sevilla

Squawking Pelican

Sunrise And Moon Set Over Spanish Valley

First Order Fresnel Lens

Flower Garden In Foggy Coastal Maine

Bar Habor Dawn

Moroccan Palace's Stables

Spanish Flamenco Dancer

Atlas Mountain Canyon

Boston Fireboat 4th 0f July Water Display

Djellaba Clad Moroccan Man in the Sahara

Maine's Wolf Neck State Park


Firey Sunset Over Madrid

Little Boulders Admiring Their Two Big Sisters The Bubbles Behind Arcadia's Jordan Pond

You know I Sure Am Glad Mother Is Protecting Us

April In Reykjavik

Purple Flower and Bee

The Kremlin On The Moscow River

Australian Pelican


Middle East Belly Dancer

Old Ironsides Dressed For The 4th Of July

Sunbathing New Zealnd Seals

Garden Above Sea Of Gallilee

Moroccan Minaret And Stork Nest

Vermont Lilies

Bedouin Man

Latvian Beauty

Old Cuban Fort

Cambodian Dancer

Leaving A Message To God At The Wailing Wall

There Is Something Fishy About This Icelandic Chandelier

I Just Arrived On A Red-Eye

The Winter Sun


Andes Peaks

Desert Shower Approaches GIza Pyramids

Jordanian Desert Taxi Stand

Saluting A Sahara Sunrise

The Top Of A Chilian Glacia

Jordanian Belly Dancer

Late Afternoon at New Mexico's Natural Arch

Old Vermont Barn And Silo

Attractive Couple About To Start Their Tango Lesson

Concord Marksman Firing His Musket

Snow Capped Darwin Mountain Range Above The Beagle Passage

Busy Mekong Riverfront

Ha Long Bay Vietnam Sunset

Torres del Paine National Park In Patagonia

St Simon's Island Live Oak

USS Constitution Underway

West Simsbury Bike Path

Curious Galapagos Salamander

Patagonian Glacier Reaching For The Sea

Good Morning Sunshine

Granite Indian Head And Lighthouse In Maine's Casco Bay

The Horns At Torres Del Paine

Alert Guanaco Resting In The Andes


Wagon In A Field In Hill Country

Argentinian Tango Dancers In Color And Black And White

Latvian Concentration Camp Monument With Superimposition

Wool On Chilean Bailing Machine

Our Tennant Can Be Really Grouchy

Rheumy-eyed Cuban Revolutionary With A Cigar

Wrinkled Old Moroccan Man

Angkor Wat In Cambodia

Cuban Dolls And Flags In Abundance

Khmer Clay Pot Ceremony

Cambodian Lake-children Paddle To School

Galapagos Catus Forest

Mint Tea With Sugarloaf In Marrakesh

Peddeling Back To The Old Haunt After Halloween

Winter in New Mexico

Coffee Or Tea In New Zealand

USS Constitution Sailor Aloft Bending On Sail

Voracious Sea Anemones


I Am Here To Referee This Game

Serengeti Lions On A Hunt

Call Me Ollie

Chefchaouen Moroccan Alley

Mystic Seaport Dockside

Iguana Approaching His Den

Vervet Monkey In Tree

Interior Of The Grand Mosque

Snail On African White Cape Daisy

Vietnamese Coracles

Dawnn Reflected Off The Tallinn Estonia Roof Tops

Mounted Guard Change At Sunset

Russian Church Of The Resurrection

Dawn At Bar Harbor

Not Elvis But He Looks Familiar

Venitean Gondoliers

Finale For Ballet Partners

Modern Dance Impresarior

Sliced Herring On Door Pannels

More Images

Russian Flutist, Lou Norton, Open, January 16, PSAT - 23
Lovable Cuban Charmer, Lou Norton, Open, Jan 2016, PSAT - 21
Metalic Cod Over The Rocks, Lou Norton, Still Life, January '16, PSAT - 22
Portrait Of A Young Lion, Lou Norton, Nature, Jan 2016, PSAT PSAN - 25
Actually This Is My Toothbrush, Lou Norton, Nature, Jan 2016, PSAT PSAN - 25
Four Camels, Lou Norton, Creative, Dec 2015, PSAT - 21
Hannukah Candle Lighting, Lou Norton, Creative, Dec 2015 - 23
Gulp - Yes Its The Real Thing, Lou Norton, Animals, Dec 2015, PSAT - 22
Flamingos, Lou Norton, Reflections, Nov 21015, PSAT & PSAN
Chinese House Painter Newspaper Cap And Half a Mustache, Lou Norton, Open, Nov 2015, PSAT,
Smartly Lowering The Jack As Old Ironsides Sets Sail, Lou Norton, Open, Nov 2015, PSAT,
Cadets display Strength, Courrage and Hope on the USCG Cutter Eagle
Cheetah In The Dawn's Early Light, Lou Norton, Nature, October '15, PSAN & PSAT
Iguazu Falls Argentina, Lou Norton, Nature, October '15, PSAT & PSAN
Austrailan Outback, Lou Norton, Creative, October '15, PSAT
Maine Forest Waterfall, Lou Norton, Water, Sep15, PSAT
A Crowd Of Chinese Children Feeding A Crowd of Koi, Lou Norton, Open, Sept 2015, PSAT
Moroccan Shoe Store Display, Lou Norton, Open, Sept 2015, PSAT
Mother Protecting Her Twins, Lou Norton, Nature, Sept 15, PSAN PSAT
Very Rare and Dangerous Cassowary In Austrailian Jungle, Lou Norton, Nature, Sept 15, PSAN PSAT
St Petersburg Chapel Domes, Lou Norton, Monochrome, December 2014 PSAT
Lithuanian-Babbushka, Lou Norton, Monochrome, December 2014, PSAT

Lorraine Cosgrove

Photography and its diverse challenges can facilitate life changing experiences. Lorraine Cosgrove’s relationship with the Simsbury Camera Club largely exemplifies how this leisure pursuit foreshadowed her productive life in capturing […]

William “Bill” Latournes

The town of Windsor Locks has provided us with noted people such as Governor Ella Grasso and John Chapman (recent Air Force medal of honor recipient). It is the is home of Bradley Field International Airport and The New England Air Museum and the notable town gave the Simsbury Camera Club William Latournes. Bill, however, now resides nearby in his wife Barbara’s home town, Windsor.

William (Bill) Payne

The man operating the SCC’s image projector, William T. Payne Jr., is a transplant from Wellesley, Massachusetts where he grew up. Bill graduated from the Noble and Greenough School (N&G) […]

Raymond Padron

Politics, perseverance and the desire to prevail characterize the early life of Raymond and the Padron family. Ray’s father was a successful business man in Cuba’s sugar industry before Fidel […]

Nathan Gutman

Nathan Gutman served as a slave laborer for the Nazis during World War II. Liberated by American soldiers at the Mauthausen concentration camp, Nathan described his initial feelings concerning freedom […]

Jim Patrina

The Man Behind the Projector Jim Patrina has been a Simsbury Camera Club mainstay for many years. His major contribution has been being the man behind the projector collecting, organizing […]

Bruce Metzger

Years of Wisdom and Artistic Sensitivity Bruce Metzger is a unique member of the Simsbury Camera Club with a background that combines being a mechanical engineer specializing in aeronautics and […]

George Zars

The avuncular soft-spoken George Zars had been a devoted member of the Simsbury Camera club since 1968. His interests were broad and included scouting and astronomy. His most abiding love […]