Dreamy Dahlia

My Phone is Here Someplace

Windmill Palm Tree

Crossing the Line

Happy in China Town

Top of the Morning

Babysitting My Dad

Have a Seat

Weathered Old Barn Door

Into the Woods

Last Round

Popping Blues

Autumn Pond Reflection


Old Rusty


Milkweed Pod


Autumn Leaves

Splashing Brook

Sunrise Through the Trees

Ancient Ruins, Sorrento


Lost City of Herculaneum, Sorrento, Italy

New York Sky Line

One Chair One Table

Summer Place

Pink Under Burlap


Winning Smile

All I Want for Xmas

Architectural Angles

Lady with Blue Flower Hat

Passing By

Simply Square

Stairway in Capri

Grand Central Station

Positano italy Coast

Lucky 8

Spokes & Wheels

Standing in the Shadows

Old Barn

Painted Barn

Red Chairs

Fall Reflections

Walking in the Rain

Harlem Hoops

Pond Reflections

The Cotswolds, England

Closing Time

Passenger on the Ferry

Looking Up 42nd Street

Royal Palace Southern Italy

Spring in Bloom

Manhattan Skyline from Brooklyn Bridge

Rose Petals

Sunset Over Manhattan Bridge

And the Wheel Goes 'Round

Rome Street at Twilight

Smoke Break

Baby in Backpack

Happy Day

Open Flower

Dazzling City Windows

Fisherman's Tools

Inside Caserta Palace

Amalfi Coast

NYC Street Vendor

Riding the Staten Island Ferry Home


Morning Errands

Ready to Launch

Crazy Red Shoes

Meetup at the Stairs

NYC Model

On the Move

Rose by Any Other Name

Cactus Close Up

Royal Palace of Caserta Italy

Twilight on Streets of Rome


Sunset at Rockport, ME

Windows in Italy

More Images

Peonies in Bloom, Alene Galin, OPEN, Jan 16 - 24
Lock Handle Latch, Alene Galin, OPEN, Jan 16 - 24
Baskets + Jug, Alene Galin, Still Life, Jan 16 - 24
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People Watching, Alene Galin, Creative, Dec 2015 - 20
Playing with Shadows, Alene Galin. Creative, Dec 2015 - 19
Reflections Under the Pier, Alene Galin, Special, Nov 2015 - 26
Converging Lines, Alene Galin, Open, Nov 15 - 24
Sunday Afternoon at the Dock, Alene Galin, Open, Nov 15
Raindrops on Wild Flowers, Alene Galin, Nature, Oct 15
Forest Rain, Alene Galin, Special, Oct 15
Boy Fishing Reflected, Alene Galin, Special, Water, Sept15
After the Cruise, Alene Galin, Open, Sept 15
Foggy Morning in Maine, Alene Galin, Nature, Aug 2015 PSANPSAT
Moon Reflecting Over Bay, Alene Galin, Nature, Aug 15 PSAN PSAT