Two End of Year Trophies are Named

Somehow over the years two trophies have remained unnamed. When Frank Zaremba realized this, he brought it to the attention of the board and discussions began about honoring two most deserving members and at long last, give names to these trophies. The nominations and approvals were unanimous. We are delighted to honor two most deserving members, Judy Rabinowitz, and John McGarry. Please read the following about our nominees. 

Judy Rabinowitz Award
Best Alternate Class Travel Image of the Year

Commentary by John Straub

Judy Rabinowitz has worn many hats as an enthusiastic contributor to the Simsbury Camera Club over the years. She’s been President, Vice President, competition comment taker, column author, library display coordinator, official greeter at the door and purveyor of 50/50 raffle tickets.

Perhaps most importantly, she has taken it upon herself to be the wandering welcome ambassador for the club at many of our public functions. She deftly corners curious visitors and makes sure that they know how their lives would improve immeasurably if they joined our club.

John McGarry Award
Image of the Year

Commentary by John Straub

John McGarry has been a valuable contributor to SCC in many roles over the years since first joining the club in 1978. His resume includes volunteering for the roles of President, Vice President, Slide Chairman, lecturer and judge, to name just a few.

His photography is amazing and he has received recognition locally, nationally and internationally for his work. Among the names of winners engraved on our eight end of year trophies, his name appears 15 times. No other name even comes close.

He likes bugs and they apparently like him, as they routinely get up early in the morning to pose for him.