Spring competition results from NECCC

In the Nature competition, Simsbury Camera Club finished 3rd out of 20 clubs in Group A this spring cementing our ranking for the competition year as 3rd of 20.

In this competition, individual honors were received by John McGarry, an HM for “Nursery Web Spider with Egg Sac”, and Jeff Levesque, HM for “Cedar Waxwing – Cedar Berries“. Congratulations to John and Jeff as well as Libby Lord and Merle Yoder for their contributions to our spring Nature entry.

In the Pictorial competition this spring, we didn’t fair quite as well, finishing 21 out of 26, but we still finished a respectable 17th out of 26 clubs for the competition year. Thank you to Frank Zaremba, John Parisi, Bill Payne and John McGarry for their contributions to our spring Pictorial submission.

There were no individual awards received.