Hummingbird on a Canna Lily

Hummy enjoying the flowers

Vibrant Lupines

Pretty Maddie

Silas W. Robbins House

The Pitch...

A Snowy Landing

Photographer Shooting a Photographer Shooting the Milky Way

Shoes left behind at the old Majestic Theatre

Little Blue Reflections

Water Lily Impressions


Northern Ganette on a Rocky Island

puffins in love

Snowy Owl in the Dunes

Splendid Belted Kingfisher


Barred Owl in the Garden

Blue Bird with a Grasshopper

The Abandoned Hosptial

Robin Nest in a Tree

Shooting the Moon

Indigo Bunting in the Sunflowers

Nightfall at Boston Harbor

Sunrise at Quoddy Light

Caught by Surprise!

Fall at Smith College

The Sweetness of a Barn Owl

Hummy with a Red Flower

Racoon Cutie

Bullfrog Reflections

Great Blue Heron w a Big Fish

Wood Duck In All Of Its Colorful Glory

Madeline at the Old Majestic Theatre

One Man Band

Simply an Egret

Short-eared Owl in the Snow

Silver Sands Sunset

Tobacco Shed on a Snowy Day

A Rose is just a Rose

Fish Fight in the Sky

Flight of an Eagle

Dueling Egrets

Merganser Family Resting on the River

The Hunter. Barred Owl

The Icefall

The Milky Way over Highland Light

Barred Owl on the Hunt

Mulholland Point Light, Campobello Island, Canada

Pileated Woodpecker in Summer

Down the Hatch

Great Blue Heron Sipping Water

Water Color Accents

Milky Way at Highland Light

Pemequid Light Maine

Rock Harbor Sunset

A dashing Blue Dasher

Kingbird Playing with his Food

Two Swans Interrupted

Belted Kingfisher Screeching

Puffin Secrets

Cedar Waxwing Hanging Sideways

Red Fox under a Pine Tree

Sweet Hazel

The Pitcher

Wachusett Aquaduct

Barred Owl Diving

Barred Owl on a hay wagon

The Flasher

A flight thru the Sun

A New Look at the Boston Public Gardens

The Swan


Snowy Owl in the late day sun

The Old Stone Church

Assateague Island

Eagle on an Iceberg at Sunset


Juvenile Little Blue Heron Fishing

White Horse and Red Barn

Angry Eagle

Cape Cod Colors

Kestrel in Flight

A Cove on the Cape

Flowers of Italy

The Moulton Barn

American Kestrel Portrait

Buttonwood Farms Sunflowers

Two Cedar Waxwings with a Berry