Bryce Canyon Overlook #2

Northern Cloudywing Skipper

Yellow Flag Iris


Man with Gray Parrot

Outside Passageway

Clouds Around El Capitan

Driftwood Beach Weathered Wood


Aspen Impressions

Driftwood Beach in High Key

Okefenokee Waterway

American Copper on Fleabane

Bumble Bee on a Frosty Morning

Immature Alligator

Jagged Ambush Bugs Mating

Old Faithful

Balloon Inflation

Common Ringlet Early Morning

Leading by a Foot

I Never Liked You

Mating Red Milkweed Beetles

End of the Line


The Big Fella

Eyes Wide Shut

Locust Borer Beetle

Remote Cabin

Common Galinule

Hanging On

Chilis and Watermelons

Hover Fly on Common Mullein

Red Legged Grasshopper

Male Common Eider

Mommy Look at That

Three Days Old

Early Morning at Sprague Lake

Moose Crossing

Six Spotted Orb Weaver

Blazing Fall Color

First, Second, Third and Did Not Finish

Rock Formation Abstract

Banded Argiope

Colorful Trio

Lewis River Yellowstone NP

Male Widow Skimmer

Sunlight and Shadow

Mushroom Cluster

Stretching For Every Inch

Woody Woodpecker in Flight

Love on the Rocks

Skipper on Yarrow Early Morning

Cloud Crescendo

Cloudy Morning at Oxbow Bend

Whooper Swan, Farm and Glacier

Glacier Panorama

Take a Deep Breath

Earth Tones and Shades of Green

Skipper on Timothy

Great Skua in Flight

Intense Competitor

The Long and Winding Road

Daddy's Little Girl


Sand Patterns and Shadows

Invasion of Privacy

Keep Your Distance

Mountains of Landmannalaugur

Amayyllis Transformed

Fall Impressions

Henhouse Heart Throb

Moulton Barn and the Tetons

Rescue Shelter Reflection

Three Balloons

Goalie's Got It

Oriental Beetle

Red Shouldered Hawk

River through Rhyolite Mountains

Stream and Aspens

Morning Ground Fog

Storm Clouds at Kolub Canyon

Yellow Collared Scape Moth with Dew

Harbor at Darien Georgia

Life in a Difficult Place

Sea Stack at Sunset

I've Got My Eye On You

Lower Yellowstone Falls

Lupines and Mountains

Making Contact

Reflection in the Lagoon

Canadian Lousewort

Heninger Farm and the Tetons

Pearl Crescent Butterfly

Fourteenth Birthday

Tidying up


European Skipper on a Milkweed Leaf

Herb Robert

Snow Covered Tree at Rainbow Point

Aspen Leaves

Laughing Gull in Flight


Crossing the Finish Line

icebergs and Reflections

Pelicans in Formation

Resting Puffin

Azure Bluet Damselfly

Church at Hof

Roskear Farm

Bull Moose Love Tap

Orb Weaver Waiting for Prey

Somersault Throw In

Pine Tree at Bryce Canyon

Sprague Lake Reflection

Teton Afternoon

Heublein Tower with Fall Color

Peep Frog on a Milkweed Leaf

Young Paddler with an Old Pro

Milkweed Seeds with Dew

Yellow Collared Scape Moths Mating

Blooming Amaryllis

Clouds and Mountains

Low Cieling

Bryce Canyon Overlook

Hillside Horse Pasture

Digital Fireworks

Rocky Ridge

Spokes and Daisies

Emily at One

Looking On

Glowing Aspens

Old Faithful Lodge Dinning Room

Red Leaves with Frost

Battle Scarred Pronghorn

Grazing in the Grass,

Hillside Pasture

Snow Squall at Upper Geyser Basin Hot Springs

Bison in the Mist


Glacier Glow

Deer With a Snack

Long Jump Sequence

Sandhills Hornet on Goldenrod

Autumn on Talcott Mountain

European Skipper Sitting Pretty

This End Up

Egret Pair Building Their Nest

Waves and Blue Ice

European Skipper on Yarrow

Snowy Morning at Bryce Canyon

Wild Thyme

Behind the Waterfall

Uphill Climb

Warrior Silhouette

Dead Tree Beach Morning

Primary Colors Red Blue Green

Sierra Sunset


Emily at 4 months

Eye Contact

More Images

Dew Covered Honeybee
No. 4 through the gate, John McGarry, Open, Jan 16 - 26
Rumble in the Tree Tops, John McGarry, Nature, Jan 16 PSAN - 28
Debating the Issues, John McGarry, Nature, Jan 16 PSAN - 25
A Light from Above, John McGarry, Open, Jan 16 PSAN PSAT - 24
Mountain Watchman, John McGarry, Creative, Dec 2015 - 21
Shapes and Colors, John McGarry, Creative, Dec 15 - 26
Black Friday at Walmart, John McGarry, Special Animals, Dec 2015 PSAN - 23
Okefenokee Evening, John McGarry, Special Reflections, Nov 15 PSAN PSAT - 23
Partially Cloudy, John McGarry, Open, Nov 15, PSAN PSAT - 26
Roseate Spoonbill Preening, John McGarry, Open, Nov 15, PSAN
Acres of Lupines, John McGarry, Nature, Oct 15, PSAN PSAT
Staying Close to Mom, John McGarry, Nature, Oct 15, PSAN
She's got his back, John McGarry, Open Creative, Oct 15
Waterfalls, John McGarry, Special Water, Sep 15, PSAN
Difficult Navigation, John McGarry, Open, Sep 15
Tri Color Heron, John McGarry, Open, Sep 15, PSAN
Bugling Bull Elk, John McGarry, Nature, Sep 15 PSAN
Hey what about me, John McGarry, Nature, Sep 15, PSAN
Sprague Lake Sunrise, John McGarry, Open May 15 PSAT
Puffin Sweethearts, John McGarry, Nature Aug 14 PSAN
Last Rays, John McGarry, Nature, Aug 14 PSAN
Rzorbill Auk, John McGarry, Open, Nov 14 PSAN
Kirkjufell and Waterfall, John McGarry, Open, Nov 14, PSAT
Puffin Talk, John McGarry, Open, Sep 14 PSAN
Cabbage White on Goldenrod, John McGarry, Special Closeup Macro, Dec 14 PSAN
Relaxing on the Sidelines, John McGarry, Portrait, Feb 15