… be it flipping, flying, grinding or just plain shredding, skateboarding is at the very least a concrete (sometimes literally) expression of freedom and creativity requiring coordination and courage that many find exhilarating.

Skateboarders describe themselves as a persistent, resilient and generally optimistic bunch who don’t mind pushing the envelop a bit. Indeed, they find that this sport, with no clear cut boundaries or rules, leaves them free to challenge themselves. The personal reward that comes from trying tricks, failing and trying again over and over (complete with bumps and bruises) provides an immense feeling of accomplishment when success is finally achieved. Some attribute skateboarding with equipping them with the resilience and perseverance necessary to pursue other goals in life or to weather life’s setbacks. There is also a camaraderie and mutual respect among boarders that usually prevails in an active skate park.

These images were all obtained on two afternoons in early autumn 2022 at the beautiful new skate park at Tunxis Meade in Farmington. I’ve shared the images with many of the boarders and with the Town of Farmington Community and Recreational Services Department. I am grateful for the opportunity to record some of the fun!

John Straub, Simsbury Camera Club
[email protected]