Simsbury Spear Fisherman

Taft Tunnel

Wall Flower

The Vessel


Thanksgiving Flowers

Tools Waiting for Tomorrow

High Tech Around 1910

Snow, but no ice on the pond

Zoom Toward Manhatthan

Cattails for Lunch

Headed Out on a Bright Afternoon

Monarch Dining

Tartia-Engel Falls in the Fall

You Heard Me, Back Off

Passing Latimer Reef Lighthouse at Dusk

The Parade into Point Judith Harbor

Glen the Blue Heron

Monarch Munching Milkweed

Niagra Falls Manipulated

Grand Central just before covid

Surf's Up, Where Is My Board?

Tranquil Setting, Aged Pilings, Modern Manhattan

Mrs. Red-Winged Black Bird dining

Red-Winged Black Bird posing

The Fog is Clearing

Up and Away

Seaweed near the surf


We are sisters

Kennebunk Maine Harbor Fogged In

Looking Back Toward Times Square

The Day After the Snow Storm

Follow the Footsteps Day After Day


Red Glow of Sunset


Enders in February

Fall Colors

Heublein Tower after a snow storm

Tariffville Gorge kayaker

Enders Falls in the fall

Red Tailed Hawk posing

Waiting for fish, local blue heron

No Catch and Release Here

Off to better fishing grounds

Yardgoats batting equipment

Nearing Santorini after sunset

Old and crusty

The Brooklyn Bridge from the Manhattan side

Cab Rooftop Ad

Santorini Greece view of a full moon

The Very Old and More Recent

Eyes Left

Love my Reflection


The Manhattan Bridge from DUMBO

The Old Dock's Pilings

Lilliana and Mom at Stratton Brook Park

Ready to go Skating

Simsbury Trim

Splish Splash

Steaming in Reverse

Gentle Breeze at Sunset

Martha's Vineyard Gay Head Lighthouse

Wadsworth Big Falls

Local Highland Cattle

Steam Powered

Sunset in your dreams

Kent Falls in the Autumn

Simsbury Blue Heron

Trolley at Twilight

Two Minutes Before Sunrise

Water Over the Dam

Raise the Landing Gear

Salt Pond Sunset


Night View of the Chicago River

Rockport Lobster Shack

Fall in the Burlington Woods

Navy Pier Night View of Chicago

The Hunter

Tobacco Sheds at Sunset

Trolley 2350

Fall at Bulls Bridge

Steam Power

Sunny Sun Flower

Mom, I can hear you

Pals for now

The Boston North End

Dramatic Sky at the Bass Harbor Head Light

Late on the Chicago River

Say It Again?

Enders Falls at Dusk

Provincetown Dawn

Sturbridge Village Sleigh Ride

Hawk Eye

Maine Tidal Pool

Smoking Train

The End of the Pool

Dusk on the Brooklyn Bridge

Tobacco Sheds

View of Manhatthan from Brooklyn

Negro Hill Brook Falls

Stare Down

The Hartford Carousel

Night View of the Brooklyn Bridge

Sunday Boston Walk

The Chicago Riverwalk

Holcomb Street Tobacco Sheds

Night on Chicago's Navy Pier

Winter Sun and Steam

Red Tailed-Hawk on the 9th hole

Snowy Egret dining

Midnight Express

Near the Bloody Lane at Antietam

Pikes Peak Rest Area

Christmas Express

Driving Wheels

Provincetown Dock Remains

Check Out the Locks

Hug Your Brother

White, Black and Blue

Solo Balloonist Among Friends

Sunset on a Colorful Night on the Sound

You Can See Clouds Through the Building

High Water at Enders Falls

If You Don't Move They Will Come

Morning View of the Washington Monument

The Leonard P. Zakim Bridge

Venice Tailgater

Empty Tobacco Shed

Look Deeply Into My Eyes

Just A Little Fluff Here

Mid Day at the Grand Canyon

South Beach at Dusk

Don't Ever Forget The Veterans

Tobacco Sheds Near and Far

Morning Snack

Waiting to Cross Hopmeadow Street

High Water at the Gorge

The Lobster Hut

Dawn At The World War II Veterans Memorial

Niagra Falls From the American Side

Old Mystic

Balloons Abound

Dinner at Dusk

Sprint On

Cool Roots


Up Up and Away

More Images

The Charles W Morgan, Bill Payne, Open, Jan16 - 24
Corn Harvester in Simsbury, Bill Payne, Open, Jan 16 - 23
Wading for Breakfast, Bill Payne, Nature, Jan16 PSAN - 24
Breakfast for Three, Bill Payne, Nature, Jan16 PSAN - 23
Over The Entrance, Bill Payne, Creative, Dec 2015 - 24
The Manhattan Bridge, Bill Payne, Creative, Dec 2015 - 27
High Water at Enders, Bill Payne, Open, Nov 2015 - 26
Paradise, Bill Payne, Open, Nov 2015 - 26
QUIET I'm Fishing, Bill Payne, Nature, Oct 2015 PSAN
Who'll Take the Girl With the Skinny Legs, Bill Payne, Nature, Oct 2015 PSAN
Green Water, Bill Payne, Special Water, Sep15
Boston Fireworks, Bill Payne, Open, Sep15
Solitude After the Storm, Bill Payne, Open, Sept15
After the Storm, Bill Payne, Nature, Sep15 PSAN
Of Course It Rolls Off, Bill Payne, Nature, Sep15 PSAN
Parker River Sunset, Bill Payne, Open, Nov 14

Images for Coping

During these anxious and uncertain times, the members of the Simsbury Camera Club offer these images of hope, healing and humor. Our goal is to bring some measure of comfort. […]