Photographic Exhibit on Africa at Simsbury Library

I’m just writing to let you know about a new photographic print exhibit which I have just finished putting up at the Simsbury Library.

The show is called Images From Southern Africa. It will be on display at the Simsbury Library for the month of August and can be found in the downstairs program room. It consists of 138 giclee fine art prints which I printed and mounted myself.

I would be delighted if you wanted to stop by and take a look. There is a guest book which you are welcome to sign and add comments if you wish.

Let me give you a couple of hints.

First, if you are thinking of making a trip to the library just to see the pictures, you might want to call the library (860-658-7663) to be sure there’s not a meeting going on that would prevent you from going into the room. Some meetings you can still go in and walk around.

Second, if you arrive and the room is dark, you can just go in and turn on the lights. Be sure to turn on the special lights that illuminate the wall as the pictures will show much better with the lights on it. That switch is at the back left corner of the room.

If you go, I hope you have an interesting trip to Africa! Take care.