Flower on the beach




Old farm house

Delightful Dahlia

Needs a little TLC

Spear fishing

Civil war statue

Gator waiting for dinner

Moody lady

Butterfly in field

Filtering for food

Narrow Falls

Resting Dragonfly

Yellow delight

Bull wins this round

Old farm house

Rainy Day

Mom with her goslings

Not so much this year

Pretty Boy

Cape Lookout Light NC

Cute Pig?

Fogged-in at low tide

Calm before the storm in Montana


Yellow Flower

Ant in a flower

Mating season squabble

Dinner is Served

Flying high

Hostas Galore

Christine's fancy hair


Reeds on a pond

Get out of the water

Good night

Magnolia blossom

Monet Copycat

Standing Tall

Zipping along

A boy and his friend

Frozen leaves

Love is in the air

Mama and her cygnets

Red barn after snow storm

Clowning Around

Move Over Big Boy

Windy Feather Day