Out on a Limb

St. Stephen's Basilica, Budapest

Stay in your lane

The Textures of Nature

Night Lights

St. Partrick's Cathedral, Dublin

Territorial Dispute

A Weaver's Art


Umbrella Merge

An Explosion of Color

Clifftop Dwelling

Howth Harbor

A Force of Nature

Eared Grebe in breeding plumage

Frozen Forest

Glacial River

Mountain Island

Hazy Morning in Havana Harbor

Pine Grosbeak eating berries

A Wet and Stormy Giant's Causeway

Cuban Transportation

Pink Water Lily

Colors Cascading Down the Hillside

Greater Scaup

Soaring over the Pacific

Stepping Into a Time Warp?

The Grand Colors of the Grand Canyon

Aurora over Alaska

Purple Iris

Reflections on a Sunset

Senior Citizen of Cuba

Speaking Out

The Gargoyle

Dancing Aurora

Rows of Lavender

Sun setting

Geometric Shadows

Inside St. Vitus Cathedral Prague

On the Prowl

St. Nicholas Church Prague

Young Elk on Alert

Creamers Dairy Barn

Into the Boreal Forest

St. Vitus Cathedral, Prague

Breaking Waves

Cascading over Volcanic Rock

Shaped by Nature

Cottage by the Mountain

lights in the night sky

Still Leaning

More Images

Aurora in the frozen North, Ben Skaught, open may 2015, PSAT PSAN
Field Stone Shed, Ben Skaught, Open Jan 2015 PSAT
A Break in the Storm, Ben Skaught, Creative, April 2015
Golden Tones, Ben Skaught, Open, Sept 2014 PSAT
Cropped, Senanque Abbey, Ben Skaught, Image-of-the-Year
Wildflower salad, Ben Skaught, Nature, Jan 2014 PSAN
Senanque Abbey, Ben Skaught, Image of the Year
Lone Fir on Oregon Coast, Ben Skaught, Travel of the Year 2015