All the textures

Charlestown Night Skies

Zimanga Zebras

Knife Shop Falls

Rhode Island Milky Way

Bald Eagle feeding nestling

Great Blue Heron with dinner

Chapman Falls

Great Blue Heron nest buiding

Lioness in tree

Portland Head Lighthouse

Collecting garbage, Trinidad, Cuba

Lilac Breasted Roller

Rumble on the plains

Tobacco barn after a snowstorm

White Rhinos at watering hole

Fresh and clean

Sunset Stroll


Vervet Monkey

Zebra trio at watering hole

Dawn at th Havana Opera House

Mount Rushmore

Lion at Night

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse, South Portland, ME

Oxpeckers on Warthog

Young elephants out for a walk with mom

Feeding time

How's the fishing here?

Playful dogs

Cuban girl with toy

Rancher at home

Bull Elk raspberry

Downy Wodpecker

I hope I can swim!

Havana Opera House reflection

Heading to work, Vinales, Cuba

Red Tail Hawk with squirrel

Annisquam Lighthouse

Barred Owl eating prey

Bighorn ram

Country Drive

Wadsworth Falls tidal pool

Havana Sunset

Red Fox kit

Singing Eastern Phoebe

Castillo de la Real Fuerza (Castle of the Royal Force), Havana, Cuba

Pedicab Drivers, Havana, Cuba

Pink Roses, Elizabeth Park

Lesser Yellowlegs looking for breakfast

Mother and child

Prairie Dogs comforting one another

Silver Sands State Beach

Street gazing

Cienfuegos Cyclist

Oxen Plowing Tobacco Field

Colt Building

T shirt vendor

Vinales Cowboy

Bone in the boneyard

Natural ice sculpture

Playing dominoes

Muppet or Peregrie Falcon?

Olde Tyme Statue of Liberty

Blue Jay harassing Red Tail Hawk

Founder's Bridge, Hartord, CT

Proud Cuban farm family

Snowy Owl landing in tree

Plaza de la Catedral, Havana, Cuba

Snowy Egret fly by

Diving Kingfisher

Nightime trolley run

Osprey Landing on Nest

New London Ledge Lighthouse

All aboard!

Simsbury Polo Club match

Wild ponies on Assateague Bay

Juvenile Bald Eagle with lunch

Snowy Egret successfully fishing

US Air Force Fly By

Yosemite Valley

Pueblo Cave, Tsankawi, NM

Snow Gees Take Flight- Bosque del Apache Wildlife Refuge, NM

Natasha on a coldbeach day

Cardinal on a dreary day

Cove Warehouse, Old Wethersfield

Field of sun

Heublein Tower

Osprey with catch

Red tail hawk siblings

Trail toAngel's Landing, Zion National Park

Vernal Falls, Yosemite National Park

Look into my eyes

Mexican Gray Wolf on the prowl

Snowy Owl at Long Beach

Red tail hawk taking flight

Whooo are you looking at?

Pepare for landing

Ride the Bushnell Park Carousel!

War Horse