Daffy Dill

Follow Me

White Church

Sail In Dock


The Music Man

After the Storm

Pink Rose


Beach is Empty

High on Duncan

Off with Lunch

Busy Bee

Frozen or Not

Looks Like a Castle to Me

Summer Visitor

Two Tired

At Dock

Caught off Guard

Sunrise at the Ocean

Fall colors

Painting Caught on Film

Stuck in the Middle

Grand Canyon View

Maine Lighthouse

The Walking Dead

A Touch of Red

Gettysburg Covered Bridge

Play Ball

Swimming with Babies

The Lonely Tree

Blue Heron

Not a First Kiss

Slow Poke

Grumpy Old Man

Have A Seat

The Guitar Man

Eyes to the Sky

Fishing Buddy-I Eat What I Catch

Looking for Food

Caught in a Black Hole

Heading Home

Red Flower

On Alert

Painting of Robin

Pink Flamingo

A bad day at jousting

Frozen Waterfall

Looking Through

Posing for Photo Op

The Hawk

Bumps on a Log

Gray Seagull Landing

Watching the Sunset

New Hampshire Bridge #16

Sunflowers in Bloom

Sunrise in DC

On Alert

Red, White, and Blue

Sailing Bye

Spreading Wings

The Devil in Us

Looking Out the Window on a Rainy Day

Spring Flower

Under the Moonlight

Fort Trumbull

Happy Birthday

Hula Girl

Night Glow

Turning Around

Watch This

Red and Green

Say Cheese

Signs of Strength

Can't See me

Survived Thanksgiving

The Fence's Shadow

The Original Ram

Waking up

Nashville at Night

The Beauty and the Beast

Through Night Vision Goggles

Autumn Reflection

Lake George Lighthouse

Old Timer

Elizabeth Park Walkway

Evening Glow

Inside a Rose

Stopping Bye

Swimming By

Field of Flowers

Hueblein Tower

On the Lookout

A Place of Honor

Got The Blues

Remembering Dr. King

Flower in Globe

Old Times

Steer This!!


Rounding The Globe



East Coast Lighthouse

Yellow Flower

Colored Horse

I'm Stuck!

Morning at the Memorial

The Bald Eagle

Vegas Baby!!

Flying High

I'm Watching You

Orange Sunflower

Dinner Time

Here I Come

Meeting of Air and Sea

Connecticut Lighthouse

Mexican Navy Ship

Smoking Guns

Fly Away

Going Down

Daisy Dew

I Got Leftovers

Watching You

My Funny Car

Rock of Ages

This is Grand

Is This Good

Let Me Out

Sunset over the Ocean

No First Kiss

Precious Smile

Pumpkins Galore

More Images

Dew on Flower, Charles Hall, Open, Jan16 - 21
Bridge Over Troubled Water, Charles Hall, Open, Jan16 - 18
Which Way, Charles Hall, Nature, Dec15 - 21
Quiet Please, Charles Hall, Nature, Dec15 - 21
No Pot of Gold, Charles Hall, Creative, Dec 2015 - 21
Paradise, Charles Hall, Creative, Dec 2015 - 19
Say Cheese, Charles Hall, Animals, Dec 2015 - 21
Secrets of DC, Charles Hall, Reflections, Nov 2015 - 23
Shes over there, Charles Hall, Open, Nov 2015
Trains Coming, Charles Hall, Open, Nov2015

Charles E. Hall

I am a disabled Vietnam vet, diagnosed with severe PTSD. I have been doing photography for about a year and a half. I found that photography is my “outlet” where […]