Charles E. Hall

DSC_0412 I am a disabled Vietnam vet, diagnosed with severe PTSD. I have been doing photography for about a year and a half. I found that photography is my “outlet” where I can get out of the house and for that time I can forget about my issues. I joined the Simsbury Camera Club this year so I could learn more about photography. I like taking pictures of about anything, as I know every person will see the picture differently.

I have had photos in a gallery in Vernon, CT. My photos are presently being shown in Marlborough Arts Center, Marlborough, CT in a veterans display, and are being shown in Art About Town, Westport, CT. from May 18 to June 19.

I have also won the CT VA contest in the black and white category and the image is going to the VA national competition.

Hibiscus Taken in Washington, DC
Whale from a whale watch in Cape Cod
Comstock-ferry Bridge in East Hampton, CT
Sunset at the Lincoln Memorial in DC
Sunset in Hawaii
Seagull on beach in Connecticut
Seagull in Niagara Falls, Canada
Cranberries from Cape Cod Farm
Grand Canyon from Arizona
The Eagle from Horizon wings in Ashford, CT.

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