Great Gray Owl Portrait

Great Horned Owl in Flight

Robin Grabbing Choke Cherry Berry

Snowy Egret Preening Breeding Plumage

Stormy Waters with Eagle


Gold Crested Crane

Snowy Owl

Bear Cub in the Birches

Lynx in Snow

Terns Mating

Coastal Brown Bear Resting in Bay

Elk in Meadow

Foggy Reflections Yellowstone

Chicadee On Lupine

Snow Leopard Leaping

Sunrise in the Cornfield

Bear Cub with Mother

Oyster Catcher with Eggs

Black Bear




Model in Leather


Horses in the Storm

Hummingbird on Hibiscus

Wolf in the Fog

Blue Bird

Coyote and Pup

Fall in Maine

Bob cat ready to pounce

Desert Sage

Dispute over territory

Red tail Hawk

Winter Landscape Yellowstone

Canadian Lynx

Oriole in Wysteria

Tiger ready to pounce

Bob Cat Kittens Playing

Mountain Lion with Cub

Tiger Portrait

Alaska Landscape

Hiking with a cloud overhead, Death Valley

Morning Reflection

Bison Sleeping in the Fog

Kodiak bear Posing with Salmon

Wood Stork with Nesting Material

Baby Marmot smelling Wild Flower, Grand Teton National Park

Foggy Morning Sunrise, Yellowstone National Park

Arctic Fox Stepping out of Shelter


Mountain Lion

Tiger Portrait

Bear Cub with Attitude

Bob Cat in The Snow

Mountain Lion with Cub

Male Cardinal in the Snow

Cattle Egret Reflected

Golden Eagle Fledgling

Snowy Owl at Sunset

Brown Bear

Fox at Rest

Horned Puffin In Flight

Maine Sunset

Snowy Egret Preening

Blue Herons at Sunrise

Coastal Brown Bear Cub

Kodiak bear in Water

Himalyan Blue Poppy

Mountain Reflected

Rolling Hills of the Palouse

Egret Preening

Glorious Sunrise

Seacape with Bear Silhouette

Snowy Eyelashes Bison

Two Bison on the The Run

Ice Cave

Osprey with Fish

White Peony


Eagle in the Snow

Great Horned Owl in Flight

Wind Blown Hawk Searching for Prey

Grizzly bear in snow covered meadow

Alone on the Beach-Piping Plover Chick

Azaleas in the Spring Forest

Black Bear Close UPO

Coastal Brown Bear Eating Sedge Grasses

White Sands Shadows on the Dunes

Barn on the Hill

Eagle Ready for Flight

Great White Egret in Flight with Nesting Material

Hummingbird feeding at Native Red Cardinal Flower

Red Fox pups at the den

Red Tail Hawk with Catch

Alaska- Storm over Velvet

Golden Hour in Iceland

Puffin Reflected

Flying through the Air

Snowy Owl in Flight

Winter Sunset at Ethel Walker

Osprey Landing and Calling

Puffin Preening at Nesting site

More Images

Possum with babies by Danielle D'Ermo
Owl in Flight, 2017 - D'Ermo, Danielle
Snowy Owl in Flight, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, January 2016 - 24
Great Horned Owl in Flight,Danielle D'Ermo, Open, January 2016 - 24
Flower Arrangement, Danielle D'Ermo, Still Life, January 2016 - 18
Golden Eagle1, Daniele D'Ermo, January 2016 Internet Natue, PSAN - 26
After a Swim - Moutain Lion, Daniele D'Ermo, Internet Nature, January 2016 PSAN - 25
Getting a Drink, Danielle D'Ermo, Creative, December 2015 - 28
White Egret with Nesting Material -High Key, Danielle D'Ermo, Creative, November 2015 PSAN - 26
OMG it is time for a Mani -Pedi, Danielle D'Ermo, Animals, Special, November 2015, PSAN - 23
Snowy Egret Reflected, Danielle D'Ermo, Reflections, November 2015 - 29
Coyote with Pup, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, November 2015 , PSAN-
Great Gray Owl, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, PSAN, November 2015 - 28
Fishing Reddish Egret, Danielle D'Ermo, Nature, October, PSAN
Great White Egret Breeding Behavior, Danielle D'Ermo, Nature, Oct 2015 PSAN
Fall Impression, Danielle D'Ermo, Creative, October 2015
Blue and Gold Ice Glaciers, Danielle D'Ermo, Water, Septebmer 2015, PSAT
Fawn Hiding in the Wild Flowers, Danielle D'ERmo, Open, PSAN, Sept 2015-4285
Tern Fishing, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, Sept 2015
Gannett Pair, Danielle D'Ermo, Nature, PSAN
House Sparrows Mating, Danielle DErmo, Nature, PSAN (1 of 1)
Coyote in Field, Danielle D'Ermo, Nature Oct PSAN
White_Egret Chick on Nest, Danielle D'Ermo, Internet Nature, December 2014, PSAN-4956
Northern Lights and Reflected Glaciers, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, 2015 PSAN
Portrait on Steps, Danielle D'Ermo, Portraits, Feb 2015
Red Tail Hawk, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, March 2015
Jackson Hole not painterly 2, Danielle D'Ermo Print of the Year
Mountain Lion, Danielle D'Ermo, Open, Nov 2014, PSAN
Porcupine eating lupines, Danielle D'Ermo, Nature of the Year 2015