Shepherd with his Sheep cross the street - India

Windsor Castle - UK

Contemporary London

Crested Serpent Eagle, Kabini forest , India

Dedicated Dad !!! - Finch with a Fledgling

Gaur (Indian Bison) with Indian Myna, Kabini forest, India

Head on with a Tiger , Kabini Forest, India

Bringing life around it !!!

Shades of Yellow

Warbler on a bark

Bold Smile !!!

Empire State...staying tall

Innocent Smile !!!

Easter around the corner

Moon across the Evening Sky

Pinks Reds Purples, Flamingo plumage - Punta Cana DR

"Panther" after a Gene Simmons Concert

Laser & Bubbles

Ripples - Gull with a catch

"Honey, I will listen to you from now" - Tree Swallows

Floating Leaf on a puddle

In can stay still too - Hummingbird, San Jose, CA

Pied Kingfisher, Mysore India

San Francisco and Golden Gate Bridge Panorama

Follow me if you dare...

Horse in a Barn !!!

Orange and a Red ... Red bellied woodpecker

A Flying Pelican - Ranganathittu- India

GREAT EGRET with a catch , Orlando , Florida

How am I flossing ? Crocodile on a river bank -Ranganathittu- India

Curiosity runs in the family !!! Grey Langoor - Kabini Forest , India

Have you seen my twin? Green Heron - Punta Cana, DR

Hello Kitty !!! Adolescent Tiger - Kabini Forest, India

Blue Bird

Green Heron

Heublein Tower

Cedar waxwing

Harbor Seal pup- 17 mile drive, California

A cantaloupe in the Sky !!!



Elephant herd - Kabini forest, India

Heart of a Lion

Local Fisherman in a pond -Mysore India

A View of CN Tower- Toronto, Canada

An autumn morning by Farmington River- Avon, CT

Wedding colors !!! - Mysore, India

Fruit Vendor at a local Market, Mysore, India

Road Block !!! Kabini, India

Spotted Deer - Kabini Forest, India

Sun kissed leaves !!!

White Throated Kingfisher, Mysore, India

Innocence of a GREY LANGUR - Kabini forest , India

Juvenile female humming bird missing her mommy !!!

Tree Swallows - Can I rent your tripod ?