Dandy of a Rainbow

In Plain Sight - Farmington River

The Quirang - Isle of Skye

A Quiet Moment Before the Rush - Riquewhir-Alsace, France

Do You See Anyone That Way?...Yes!

Swiss Family Farmers

Nubble Light - York, ME

St. Nicholas Basilica - Amsterdam

Stairway to Tiffany

American Loonie

Falling Waters

Donlin Castle - Scottish Highlands

I Know It's Here Somewhere!

Read My Lips

114 Centimeters? Are You Sure?

Doris in Royal Blue

Friday Night Lights

Monestary Roses

More than a Mist

Capitol Gold

Chrome Unicorn

Doggie Dew

Last Cast - Nubble Point - York, ME

Oakledge Park - Burlington, VT

Vanished in the Haze - Lake Lucerne - Switzerland

West 34th St & Eighth Ave - NYC - 1:00 AM

Crane Man

Crane Moon

The Color of Yogaabhyaasi